[TRANS] The JYJ Magazine No. 2 (July 2013)

jyj_KR[Picture credit: C-JeS Store]

Hello, my lovely ladies (and gents – if you’re out there?)!

Unlike the last magazine, we were able to order a copy of the second edition of THE JYJ MAGAZINE No.2 on time!

We wanted to share the amazing and funny stories that lay within the magazine pages with you, so we decided to translate the entire magazine.

It’s a little shorter than the first edition (half a year is much easier to cover than 1000 days, no?) but that doesn’t mean it was an easy task for us to take on.
Which is why, in order to prevent any illegal misuses of our work, we have decided to post a pdf version of our work only.

Also, taking apart a magazine to scan, and then taking those scans and adding in the English text is a lot of work, and a waste of a good magazine (since we can’t put it back together again), so we have decided not to provide all the images with the text.

However, we hope you enjoy reading this magazine as much as we did.
And we hope it brings you a little closer to Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu.

Happy readings, and when you share, please remember to use proper credits!


Download LinkMediafire


Source: [The JYJ Magazine No.2]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

21 thoughts on “[TRANS] The JYJ Magazine No. 2 (July 2013)

  1. Thank you so much for your hard work! I just got the magazine arrived at my place yesterday and your trans come out just in time.

  2. a good program to make editable PDF files is OmniPage… it’s a really good OCR program that allows you to edit text while maintaining page format (including pictures and tables). it’s definitely expensive, but we use it at the office to edit documents and backup large manuals. if you want i could help you guys out with that… hopefully it detects hangul, i know there are mods to read japanese kana :3

    • Hey sorry for missing your reply! I think the issue isn’t just that but also the fact that we’d need to take apart the magazine page by page to get a scan in and the mag is pretty much destroyed after that :(( Text lengths are really different between English and Korean too + by the time we’re done with sources / credits the original format is pretty much gone and we had to use PS to do a full reformat… But thanks so much for your offer! We’ll keep that in mind if we need your help in the future^^

  3. thank you so much for your hard work ^^ sometimes its suck being an international fan since i dont understand korean, so i really appreciate this!

  4. Thank you so much! I am waiting for my second JYJ magazine to arrive from a seller in Seoul. Your translation of the first magazine was SO helpful. Since I don’t understand the Korean written word I would have only been able to look at the wonderful pictures in the magazines without knowing the content. I Thank You for all of your hard work so others can understand! =)

  5. Thank you so much!!!! it’s a blast to have good translators in our fandom who always got a good disposition to translate for us, the non-korean speakers! :) And, just like you translate from korean to english, i wanna ask for your permissión to use your text and translate it to spanish =) i hope for ur answer! thank u once again♥

    • Translating this into another language is fine as long as our work is properly credited ^^ Good luck, it’s a doozy!

  6. thanks for your hardwork~~ I’ll try to translate it to my language and of course give a proper credit. JJang!! :D

  7. Thank you so much for your hard work. Appreciate it a lot lot lot ~
    Can we (TVXQFC.com Fansite in Vietnam) get your permission to translate the magazine into Vietnamese?
    We will definitely mention the full credit ~
    Thanks once again and hope for your reply.

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