[TRANS] 130805 ‘Incredible!’ – Why Are Men Flocking To Kim Junsu’s Concert?

Stealing the hearts of men with talents far beyond a normal idol


XIA Junsu recently held another concert.

On the 3rd and 4th of August, JYJ’s XIA Junsu held a concert at COEX to commemorate the release of his second solo album ‘Incredible’. Titled ‘XIA 2nd ASIA TOUR in SEOUL’, XIA Junsu captivated 18,000 fans with his fatal charm for two days.

What was most surprising was the wide age range of the audience, as well as the fact that both genders were in attendance. Though the majority of the fans in the audience were women, it wasn’t too hard to find male fans amongst the crowd.

Male fans could be spotted here and there in the concert venue to enjoy the ‘Incredible’ concert. There were some who had come with their girlfriends or friends, but there were others standing in the mosh pits for a full 120 minutes to enjoy the show. There were some who had come alone, and it was apparent that both old and young men were in attendance to be captivated by XIA Junsu’s charm.

Fans who had come with their families could also be spotted. Fathers who had come to the concert holding the hands of their daughters could be seen in the crowd. Actor Seol Kyung Goo had also come with his daughter, with this being his second concert since last Winter’s performance. Many young teenagers could also be seen in the audience. Though XIA Junsu has not had much public exposure since beginning an exclusive contract lawsuit with his former agency in 2009, it was interesting to see the large number of teenage fans at the concert.

Such a sight is hard to see at an idol singer’s concert. Even the reporters at the event were surprised by the large number of male fans. This was more so considering the fact that it was a solo concert and not of a group. It was proof of how much XIA Junsu’s fandom has expanded over the years. The male fans danced, waved their hands and shouted to the rhythm of the music. They didn’t seem out-of-place with fanlights in their hands and MD goods wrapped around their necks.

XIA Junsu said, “There are a lot of male fans here today, like yesterday,” and “Would only the men scream for me?” In response, quite a few men waved their hands in the air and gave a low-toned shout. It was like being a concert by Lee Seung Hwan or Psy.

An interesting moment took place on the 4th. During ‘Genie Time’, when he grants three wishes from the audience, a male fan asked him to sing Lee Sora’s ‘The Wind is Blowing’ and even gave him a piece of papers that he’d written the lyrics on. Though XIA Junsu was surprised at first by the unexpected request, he completed the task with his sweet voice.

Then why did so many male fans flock to XIA Junsu’s concert?

It was probably his extraordinary vocal talent. He’s not just an idol singer who appeals with good looks or tricks, he’s a singer who has unwavering skills that heighten the overall satisfaction of a performance. When men become fans of singers of the same-sex, they usually prefer talented artistes.

Though he was taking on performances so powerful that he was sweating like a waterfall, XIA Junsu’s vocals never wavered and was recognized for his talents. Even men do not put XIA Junsu’s concerts in the same class as other idols.

Add in his masculinity and his ability to appeal to even the smallest emotions, and XIA Junsu is more than capable of captivated even the hearts of men as well as women.

After attending the concert, Kim Jung Hwan (Seoul, Geumchun-gu) said, “Though I had always heard that XIA Junsu was a great singer, I didn’t know he was this good,” and “His voice never wavered, even when his choreography required a lot of movement, and it was amazing. He’s better than anyone when it comes to stage presence.”

Seeing men and families in the crowd at a concert. This seems to be another characteristic unique to XIA Junsu’s concerts. He is no longer the exclusive property of young girls.

Source: [todaykorea]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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