[TRANS] 130804 [Blue Focus] Is There An End To How Far Kim Junsu Will Evolve? (Concert)

On the 4th of August at 6pm, Kim Junsu(XIA) held his ‘XIA 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT INCREDIBLE in SEOUL’ concert at the Coex D Hall. Approximately 18,000 attended the two-day event and Kim Junsu greeted them with a truly ‘incredible’ concert.


When the lights turned off, the hall was flooded with red lights and cheers. The volume increased as the opening video began playing, and when the melody of ‘Tarantallegra’ started up, the red lights seemed to become more intense. Starting off with that song, he moved onto perform the powerful song ‘No Gain’ and the sweet and charming songs ‘I’m Confessing To You’ and ‘Chocolate Girl’.

Kim Junsu said, “Hello, this is XIA. Have you missed me?” and continued to make his fans laugh as he said, “I’ve created a great concert with various songs and stages. There are quite energetic stages planned as well. Yesterday, everyone seemed to enjoy it. I’m going to be even more energetic today. I’ll make it a legendary night. Like yesterday, it’s really hot today. You’re hot, too? I guess we’re all the same.”

Kim Junsu also performed ‘Foolish Heart’ from the KBS2 drama ‘Chunmyung’ and ‘Love is like a Snowflake’ from ‘Nice Guy’, as well as a mixture of ballads and dance tracks such as ‘Incredible’, ’11 o’clock’, ‘I must be in Love’ and ‘Uncommitted’. Showcasing his various charms, Kim Junsu sang Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Because You’re My Girl’ to the cheers of his older fans, while younger fans looked on enviously.


– Kim Junsu vs Kim Junsu, Sexy vs Melodious

Kim Junsu has gotten even sexier this time around. From ‘Tarantallegra’ to ‘No Gain’, ‘Uncommitted’, ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’ and ‘Incredible’. Kim Junsu’s powerful dance moves captivated his fans. Kim Junsu’s body rolls overpowered everything else and his powerful gaze and dance moves had the fans in the concert hall screaming. This wasn’t the end of Kim Junsu’s charms.

When it came time to sing ballads, he became sweeter than ever. With songs like ‘Fantasy’, ‘I must be in Love’, ’11 o’clock’, ‘Foolish Heart’ and ‘Love is like a Snowflake’, his husky voice melted the hearts of his fans. When he sang ‘I must be in Love’, Kim Junsu prepared a special event in which he stepped onto a crane and handed out roses to his fans, making his fans’ hearts race with a shining smile.

– The most electrifying act of the night, ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’

When the song ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’ was released in his second solo album, it became a hot topic amongst his fans. This song, that captures Kim Junsu’s past experiences, mixes rapping and shouting to create a powerful song. Before the concert, Kim Junsu notified his fans of how to cheer for the song through his personal Twitter account. Fans were in peals of laughter as they followed along and shouted, ‘Isn’t this song funny’, ‘Junsu are you okay?’, ‘They say that the altitude here is higher than that of Mt. Halla’, and ‘Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you weren’t too shaken by this. Our flight will take off tomorrow.’

Kim Junsu stepped on the crane that was waiting for him to make a round of the concert hall while shouting ‘Isn’t this song funny’. Kim Junsu’s voice was joined by his fans as they shouted along and got everyone pumped up. Right after the performance, Kim Junsu had a bright smile on his face as he said, “It was a stage where I could really let myself go. This is the first time I’ve felt this way. Was it funny? I really put all of my energy in it.” It was a moment for us to witness Kim Junsu’s limitless energy supply.


– Kim Junsu’s transformation into a genie who grants three wishes

On this day, Kim Junsu sat in the middle of the extended stage and granted three wishes from his fans. Kim Junsu said, “I felt this yesterday, as well as today, but I feel really naked up here. I’m so close to the audience right now. I’m pretty sure everyone behind me can see my butt. If I can sing ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’ in front of you, I can do this, right? What’s your wish?” Even before Kim Junsu was done speaking, fans had their hands in the air and tried to grab Kim Junsu’s attention.

All three wishes that Kim Junsu received were to sing a song. Kim Junsu sang ‘Last Dance’ from ‘Elisabeth’, Lee Sora’s ‘The Wind is Blowing’ and Stevie Wonder’s ‘Lately’. Kim Junsu asked for other wishes as he said, “All you want me to do today is sing?” but even he couldn’t stop the fans’ desire to listen to him sing. Satisfied with listening to Kim Junsu’s melodious voice, they relaxed as Kim Junsu began singing ’11 o’clock’.

– A reporter’s ramblings

The highlight of Kim Junsu’s concert was probably ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’. Even fans said it was hard to put that song into their MP3 players. But this song was the one that shined in his concert. A powerful performance and the repeated lyrics of ‘Isn’t this song funny’ had everyone laughing as they really found the song quite funny after a while. How did Kim Junsu think of making a song like this? It’s something I could never dream of. ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’ seems to embody the genius (?) of Kim Junsu’s mind. It’s a song that was born to be performed at a concert. The song brought out all of Kim Junsu’s energy and if anyone ever wishes to let it all go, they should think about performing the song at a karaoke bar. But whatever comes next is completely up to you to deal with.

Source: [wowtv]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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