[TRANS] 130731 Max Changmin Says, “The Show Has Helped Change My Bitter And Depressed Personality” (Interview)

‘Our Changmin has changed~’

TVXQ’s Max Changmin is currently busy training for KBS 2TV’s ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’. Although he has a packed overseas schedule as a singer, he always works hard to complete his missions for the show and is reaping in great success as an emcee. He has won over his viewers with his hard work and effort.



Max Changmin himself is very happy that he was able to join the ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ team. During an interview with Newsen, Max Changmin said, “My life has become more enjoyable. I actually found it hard to approach others first and I used to be quite an introvert, but I’ve become more of an extrovert thanks to this show. Exercising and participating in matches together has helped form a natural camaraderie with the others, and I find it easier to keep an eye on those around me.”

Anyone who watches the show can see just how much Max Changmin loves his fellow teammates, and how hard he works for every match and practice session. One of his bowling matches in early July had viewers reaching out for the singer when he cried over an unfortunate loss. Though it was not aired, Max Changmin was crying so hard that he was unable to say his closing comments. The staff came to the decision to cut that scene from the episode.

Regarding this, Max Changmin confessed, “I had become close friends with the other guys like Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, Lee Byung Jin, Alex and Jo Dal Hwan and I felt even more disappointed at the loss because I had worked so hard to prepare for the match. I had practiced so hard, giving up my breaks in between our concerts in Japan, so I felt even more upset that I lost. I really wanted to end the match on a high… I felt sorry to the others and I felt disappointed at myself. There were so many emotions running through me.”

According to Max Changmin’s close acquaintances, he is the kind of person who always works hard at what he does. Not even the smallest things pass by him unattended to. Because of this, he has felt an immense sense of responsibility about appearing on the show. Staff members who saw the ripped skin on his hands from bowling too much even said, “Your primary job is being a singer. Focus on that. Take care of yourself so that you can focus on your concerts as well.”

However, Max Changmin refused to give up his Japanese concerts or his bowling matches. He had always laid low during his breaks, but since beginning the show, he began going to bowling alleys whenever he had a moment to spare and kept practicing as much as he could. Max Changmin said, “Practicing and getting used to the sports made me feel more at ease with myself. I think that’s why the tears came after I lost. I think those tears were proof that I’ve gotten more comfortable with the show.”

The singer has gained so much through the show. Not only has he become close friends with people such as Lee Soo Geun, Jo Dal Hwan and Kang Ho Dong, and has currently become closer with stars such as John Park and 2PM’s Chansung. He has been meeting with Chansung for dinner often and they have finally begun to feel more comfortable around each other for the first time in years.

Max Changmin smiled and said, “The kid who used to stay at home and sit around every day is now sweating it out and moving around. It’s helped a lot with my personality. In the past, I used to feel very bitter and depressed. But participating in sports activities through the show has helped me release my stress faster and it’s making me much happier. I’m grateful to myself for taking on this challenge. I’ve found a new sense of vitality in my life.”

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

3 thoughts on “[TRANS] 130731 Max Changmin Says, “The Show Has Helped Change My Bitter And Depressed Personality” (Interview)

  1. Thank you for the translation. This was a great article.

    One thing that always impress me about Changmin is how he uses every opportunity to grow as a person. He always tries to better himself, grows in the hardship and becomes a better person in the end. He is really inspiration. He doesn’t hide his negative points but reveals how he has turned the negative to positive.

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