[TRANS] 130730 Max Changmin Goes For His Second Victory On ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’… Will He Succeed?


Max Changmin is going for his second victory on KBS 2TV’s ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’.

During the episode that airs on the 30th, he and the other members of the celebrity team will go against the Goyang-si Joongsan-dong badminton club.

The members of ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ went through boot camp last week to build their strength and hone their badminton skills. The Joongsan-dong team is composed of both young and old, but all very talented, badminton players.

With such talented players up against them, the match is expected to be cut-throat. With the celebrity team gaining confidence as they go through various table tennis, bowling and badminton matches, everyone is interested to see how Max Changmin will do. Anyone who has been watching the show till now will know just how priceless his challenge is.

A representative of ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ stated, “During the match that took place two weeks ago in Joongsan-dong, he seemed to be more confident than before,” and “He’s always been silently practicing and doing his best, and everyone was surprised by how much he has grown.”

Max Changmin scored his first victory during his first badminton match on the 16th; this was his first victory on the show in three months.

Although he has a packed schedule, as expected of any Hallyu star of his caliber, he has been practicing very hard with his partner Lee Jong Soo and the results reflect his hard work.

The representative also added, “We can’t reveal the results of the match because it would spoil the show, but the change in Changmin’s gaze and appearance will be very apparent.”

Source: [star mt]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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