[TRANS] 130726 Kim Junsu’s ‘Incredible’ Tops Charts In The US And China.. An International ‘Junsu Craze’


XIA Junsu’s second album ‘Incredible’ has been met with an explosive response overseas.

On the 24th, XIA Junsu’s second album ‘Incredible’ made its debut at number five on the US’ Billboard World Album Charts.

The Billboard World Album Charts is run by Nielsen SoundScan and ranks albums by the number of copies sold each week in the US and Canada, proving that XIA Junsu’s album is being met with an explosive response in America.

XIA Junsu’s interview with the Grammys also graced the main page of the Grammys’ homepage and has also topped the Trending videos list as the most watched and shared video on the site.

His ‘Incredible’ music video topped the Korea V-Charts on ‘Yinyue Tai’, China’s biggest music video site, for the 3rd week of July. Not only did the video top the charts that took into consideration the views from the 15th till the 21st of July, it also topped the real-time charts as soon as it was released, showing just how popular the singer is in China.

Last April, Kim Junsu was awarded the Best Male Korean Singer Award at the ‘V-Chart Awards’, the music awards ceremony held by ‘Yinyue Tai’.

The Best Korean Singer award is not picked by judges, but is instead chosen by the singer’s success on the V-charts during the year, as well as a voting poll by fans all over the world. XIA Junsu’s win shows just how much love the singer continues to receive overseas.

Meanwhile, since receiving high praise for his successful first concert in Bangkok, Thailand, XIA Junsu is set to perform in Shanghai, China on the 28th.

Source: [starnnews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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