[TRANS] 130725 Kim Junsu In ‘Elisabeth’, “What’s Different This Time Around? Black Hair And A New Number”


JYJ’s Kim Junsu talked about what was different about this year’s ‘Elisabeth’ performances.

The musical ‘Elisabeth’ held a press call on the 25th of July at the Seoul Arts Center’s Opera House. The day’s event featured 11 scenes reenacted by Ok Joo Hyun, Kim So Hyun, Kim Junsu, Park Hyo Shin, Jeon Dong Seok, Park Eun Tae and Lee Ji Hoon.

During the press conference that followed, Kim Junsu talked about why he had chosen black hair instead of going blonde this year as he said, “It’s not as meaningful as it’s being made out to be,” and “Last year featured a very strong blonde image. Should I say that this year’s hairstyle gives off an Oriental feel for Death? Wouldn’t it be interesting to think of the two others (Park Hyo Shin, Jeon Dong Seok) are Western Deaths, and me as an Eastern version of Death?”

Kim Junsu also said, “I believe that last year’s performances were so loved so much because the story, music and lyrics were all so great. I think I was able to make such a radical change because I was backed by the success of last year’s performances. I think the difference between this year and last year is that the story has become a little clearer and easier for the audience to understand.”

He also added, “Another difference is that we’ve added a new song for Death.”


Source: [TVDaily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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