[TRANS] 130724 The Power Of An Idol Group’s Fanclub That Got The Fair Trade Commission Moving


The fanclub of idol group ‘JYJ’ came knocking on the door of the Fair Trade Commission near the end of 2010. It was to notify the FTC that JYJ were suffering from the unlawful tyranny of SM Entertainment, one of the three largest entertainment agencies in Korea.

JYJ were members of SM’s five-member group TVXQ but separated from SM in 2009 to create their own group. JYJ filed an exclusive contract nullification injunction on the 31st of July, which was accepted in October. The Courts laid down the verdict that JYJ were no longer under SM Entertainment.

This is when SM’s tyranny began. After conferring with the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industries (KFPCAI) on the measures to take against JYJ, SM Entertainment sent an official notice to 26 music and broadcast-related licensees that asked them to refrain from inviting or allowing JYJ to appear on televised programs, and from distributing their albums and online music files. This act took place in October of 2010, right before the release of JYJ’s album.

The FTC laid down the verdict that such actions by SM was an act of using their leverage in the industry for their benefit. Since then, JYJ have had their activities as singers in Korea restricted, which including being unable to appear on music programs and variety shows, despite high album sales figures.

Because of this, JYJ’s fanclub, including the JYJ support coalition, filed a report at the FTC’s Seoul offices against SM for their unlawful actions. Not only did they file the report, but they also submitted thousands of petitions during the investigation process that asked for permission for JYJ to appear on broadcasted television programs.

On the 24th, the FTC found SM guilty of interfering with JYJ’s activities in the entertainment industry, and made an order prohibiting such actions in the future.

Ko Byung Hee of the FTC’s Seoul office stated, “This is the first disciplinary action that has taken place against a large-scale entertainment agency for using their influence to interfere with the activities of those they are locked in a legal dispute with,” and “The fanclub played an important role in the process, submitting the initial report, as well as the petitions then after.”

Regarding the possibilities of JYJ appearing on music programs or broadcasted television shows, a representative of JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The prohibitive measures placed on JYJ’s broadcasted activities had been lifted long ago,” and “However, there was an undercurrent of tyranny from a large-scale entertainment agency, which made appearing on broadcasted shows difficult though JYJ were not on the list of banned people. We have finally had this officially recognized and they have been ordered to rectify the problem.” The representative was cautious about discussing whether XIA (Junsu), who is currently promoting his new album, will be able to appear on music programs.

Source: [hankooki]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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