[TRANS] 130722 [Message From U-Know Yunho] Hello, This Is U-Know Yunho. ^^


Hello~ This is U-Know Yunho.
Cassiopeia, I hope you are all doing well~?^^
I was out on a break today and decided to go to Gangwon Province to see a friend off as he returns to his unit in the army~
But I heard that you guys were all so worried about me, so I decided to write a post to assure you of my condition and thank all the fans who came to our Shanghai concert..

Because I wanted to create a better performance for all of our loving fans at the concert, I put all my efforts into preparing, rehearsing and exercising before the event. My muscles cramped up and I ended up making you all worry, which makes my heart ache so much when I think about it..

But thanks to the passionate shouts and cheers that you sent us when we got on stage, and thanks to all the love you have for us, I  was able to stay strong and keep going till the very end. I’ve gotten better now, and it’s not that the wire had snapped, so please don’t worry too much about it~^^

Though we and our fans were exhausted because of the hot weather, each and every heart at that venue became one to create a performance that we all enjoyed!!!! Thank you!!!!!

To our Cassiopeia, who have always loved and cared for us, I will continue to work hard to repay your love with performances that only get better and better!!!
Please be careful to avoid getting hurt or sick from the heat, overexposure to air conditioning and damages from the rain in this hot weather~~
And please continue to shower us with your support. ^_^v

We are~~~~~~~~~~~~~~T!!!!!!!!

Source: [TVXQ’s Official Homepage]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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