[TRANS] 130718 Max Changmin’s ‘Tearful First Victory’ On ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’


‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’: Worked hard to get from the worst in table tennis and bowling to the ace of badminton

‘Carrying a badminton racquet on his World Tour’

Max Changmin’s first victory on KBS 2TV’s ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ has finally come for the singer who has worked extremely hard till now.

During the team’s table tennis and bowling matches, Max Changmin was singled out as the ‘weakest’ of the group with his subpar sports skills. However, his first ever victory, from his first badminton match that took place during the episode that aired on the 16th, has made up for his weak performance till now.

Unfortunately, his journey from the team’s ‘weakest’ to the ‘ace’ was filled with many difficulties for the star.

Max Changmin is currently participating in TVXQ’s World Tour. The group held concerts in LA, USA on the 6th and Santiago, Chile on the 7th, and is currently preparing for their Shanghai, China concert on the 20th. Although he’s already pressed for time preparing for his concert, he has been honing his badminton skills whenever he has free time to spare. He always has a badminton racquet packed in his luggage. He isn’t picky about who is practice partner is, whether it’s U-Know Yunho, his manager or even his stylists.

A representative of the show stated, “He always practices in the early hours of the morning, regardless of whether he’s in Korea or overseas. Although he may experience aches in his fingers, wrists and knees from long hours of practicing, he doesn’t stop.”

It has been found that Max Changmin has been suffering from the stress that came from the cancellation of ‘Moonlight Prince’, his weak performance and continued failure in his initial matches, and controversial accusations stating that Changmin did not deserve his spot as a MC on the show. However, he continued to practice and hone his skills, telling those around him, “Hard work never betrays you. I want to be recognized for my skills.” The other members such as Kang Ho Dong and Lee Soo Geun have been sending him text messages continuously to show their support.

His hard work seems to have paid off for both himself and the show as ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ scored a viewership of 7.4%, 0.7% higher than last week’s episode, successfully keeping its position as the most watched show in its time slot.

Source: [sports donga]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

3 thoughts on “[TRANS] 130718 Max Changmin’s ‘Tearful First Victory’ On ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’

  1. sooner or latter everybody will realize how sincere he is through his hard work, i’m glad that everybody begin to appreciate it now..
    keep the good work changmin..

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