[TRANS] 130715 The Differences Of Producing Albums In American An Korea According To Kim Junsu


Kim Junsu has revealed the differences between producing an album in Korea and in the US.

During the showcase and press conference that was held on the 15th of July to commemorate XIA (Junsu)’s second solo album ‘Incredible’, Kim Junsu explained the differences in producing an album in Korea and in the US as he moved back and forth between the two countries to work on his new album.

Kim Junsu said, “In Korea, making your voice sound pretty comes before the melody. In the US, the feel of the song is more important than how it sounds. Even if your voice cracks and the overall sound crumbles, if the overall feeling of the song is good, they choose that version.” He confessed that his title song ‘Incredible’ had a total of six or seven master versions.

He added, “I will still undecided till the very last minute. Although we chose the ‘Korean’ version in the end, I tried hard to find a balance of the characteristics (of the two countries).”

When asked if he was putting all his focus on the US since his title song has a strong pop feel to it, Kim Junsu explained, “I chose the title song because it’s such a great song. 3~4 songs in the album have an American pop feel, but the rest are very Korean. I think the ‘Korean’ feel in this album is stronger than in my first album.”

Questions about his career in the musical industry were not left out. Regarding the criticism he received that his rendition of ’11 o’clock’ was too emotional, which resulted from a change in singing styles because of his career as a musical actor, Kim Junsu said, “I can’t say that my time as a musical actor hasn’t influenced the way I sing at all, but I believe that the way I sang was the best way for me to sing that song. It’s all up to individual interpretation, I guess. I think it’s hard to find a balance when you talk about musicals in terms of K-pop, and K-pop in terms of musicals. I recorded the song in the way that I thought was best.”

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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