[TRANS] 130715 Park Sung Kwang Advertises Kim Junsu’s New Album, “I’ve Never Seen This Side Of Junsu Before”


Comedian Park Sung Kwang (32) showed his happiness for the release of XIA (Junsu, real name Kim Junsu)’s second solo album.

On his personal Twitter account on the 15th, Park Sung Kwang said, “Junsu’s album has been released!! Good good!! I saw the music video and I’ve never seen this side of Junsu before keke And please give your love to the songs ‘Don’t Go’ and ‘Turn it Up’, which his twin brother JUNO wrote the lyrics for.” He also posted the link to XIA (Junsu)’s title song ‘Incredible’.

In the music video, XIA (Junsu) is wearing one-tone colors and dancing passionately with his dancers at a pool. His long-awaited and powerful choreography is refreshing to viewers of the music video. Junsu is gaining a lot of attention for the scene that involves him sharing a moment with a woman on a gold bed.

Park Sung Kwang and XIA (Junsu) became friends through the celebrity soccer team FC MEN. Park Sung Kwang had fans elated when he promoted the album as fervently as if it was his own.


XIA (Junsu)’s second album was released at noon on various online music sites and iTunes, and he participated in the composition, lyric-writing and producing portion of the album. A total of twelve tracks are in this album, including the title song ‘Incredible’ and the pre-released track ’11 o’clock’.

‘Incredible’ is a song that expresses the beauty of a woman with upbeat lyrics and a funky rhythm. The choreography, which was a collaboration with the famous US choreographer Jeri Slaughter, is already gaining a lot of attention from fans.

XIA (Junsu) has taken on a variety of genres, including ballads, electronic, funk, neo-soul, R&B and acoustic. C-JeS Entertainment stated, “The composers who participated in the album praised Junsu for his musical talent and value as a vocalist. We are certain that this album will captivate the eyes and ears of fans.”

XIA (Junsu) will be holding a showcase at the AX Hall in Seoul at 7p.m. on the 15th that will be aired live on MelonTV and LoenTV.

Source: [sportsseoul]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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