[TRANS] 130713 XIA (Junsu) Releases Another Teaser For ‘Incredible’ “A Melody That Awakens Your Sensibility”

XIA (Junsu) has released the second teaser image for his second solo album’s title song ‘Incredible’.

On the 13th of July, JYJ’s Official Facebook Page uploaded the second teaser cut for his upcoming solo album ‘Incredible’ with the caption, “A photo of choreography that releases the energy from waves of music and water.”

The teaser cut captures Kim Junsu’s intensity through a red suit and unique hairstyle. The image shows him performing a part of the choreography for his new song ‘Incredible’, heightening the anticipation for the song and album.

Answering the question of a fan, XIA (Junsu) said, “I’ve only been thinking about my album, listening to many songs and pouring my passion into it. I love each and every song, and I’ve tried new genres and styles. I hope that the satisfaction and happiness I feel for my album will be felt by my fans as well.”


He continued to talk about the how he felt during the preparation process of his album as he added, “The time I spent making this album, creating music that makes me dance, melodies that awaken my sensibility, and songs that make you want to sing, has been the happiest and greatest experience of my life.”

XIA (Junsu) recently began a countdown event for his second solo album that combines teaser images with a way for fans all over the world to communicate with the singer.

From the 12th till the 14th, a teaser image will be released at noon every day, along with an answer from XIA (Junsu) for questions fans may have for him.

Meanwhile, XIA (Junsu) will be releasing his album on the 15th and holding a showcase on the same day.

Source: [topstarnews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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