[TRANS] 130712 Kim Junsu Releases A Poolside Party Teaser Image ‘The Height Of Extravagance’

A teaser image for Kim Junsu’s poolside party has been revealed.

Ahead of XIA (Junsu)’s second album release on the 15th of July, a teaser image from the title song’s music video was revealed on the 12th.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “With three days left till the album release, JYJ’s official Facebook page will be kicking off a countdown event for XIA (Junsu). We spent a lot of time thinking of what kind of event we could do together with XIA (Junsu)’s worldwide fans, as he is loved both in and outside of Korea, and we came up with this communicative teaser release event.


The official Facebook page explained the event in a post that said, “From today (12th) till the day before the album’s release date, a teaser image will be released at noon every day. If you leave any questions you have for XIA (Junsu) on hte posts, XIA (Junsu) will answer your question on the next day, along with a new teaser image.”

The teaser that was released on the 12th shows XIA (Junsu) wearing a colorful neon suit while having fun at a poolside party.

Meanwhile, XIA (Junsu)’s second album, which will showcase a variety of new styles and genres, will be released on the 15th of July.

Source: [topstarnews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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