[TRANS] 130712 JYJ’s Summer Magazine To Be Released Simultaneously In Korea And Japan “Our Fans Are Our Friends”


JYJ’s magazine ‘The JYJ’ will be releasing a summer edition.

On the 12th of July, C-JeS Entertainment announced, “Our ‘The JYJ’ magazine, which became a hot topic in January when we released the first edition outlining JYJ’s first 1,000 days, will be releasing its new Summer edition simultaneously in Korea and Japan.”

C-JeS Entertainment introduced the new Summer edition as they said, “The theme of our second ‘The JYJ’ magazine is ‘Friends’. It will include a photo spread that will showcase JYJ’s friendship, a cover story, what JYJ think ‘friends’ mean to them, and the honest experiences they’ve had with their friends.”

They continued to add, “We got up close and personal during Tokyo Dome’s April concert, and have detailed the that experience through photos and written words. The behind-the-scenes stories behind each member’s solo activities, and never-before-seen photos will show a more honest and friendly side of JYJ.”

The Summer edition will be a total of 120 pages with a 30 page photo spread and cover story, behind-the-scenes moments from JYJ’s Tokyo Dome performance, never-before-seen photos and hand-written letters from the three members during their solo activities, as well as the preparation process behind JYJ’s 2013 Membership Week event.

Regarding this, JYJ stated, “Because we think of our fans, as well as each other, as our closest friends, we have expressed our honest experiences about them,” and “We hope this will become a great gift to our fans, who have supported us till we could stand in Tokyo Dome once more and have sent us their unwavering affection during our solo activities, to commemorate the times we have spent together.”

Meanwhile, the Summer edition of JYJ’s special interview magazine ‘The JYJ’ will be released simultaneously in Korea and Japan and can be bought on the C-JeS Store website. (http://cjesstore.com/, http://www.jyjjapan.jp/)

Source: [topstarnews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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