[TRANS] 130710 Stealing An ‘Intro’? Girl Group Tahiti Stirs Controversy By Using JYJ’s Song Without Permission

Using the intro of ‘Mission’ at overseas concerts and college festivals


Girl group Tahiti has been embroiled in a controversy of using a song without permission.

JYJ fans began making the claim that Tahiti has been using the intro of JYJ’s hit song ‘Mission’ without their permission. The fans brought up a problematic YouTube video that shows Tahiti performing their song ‘Hasta Luego’ at a festival in Hongik University.

The issue is that the intro of the performance uses the intro of ‘Mission’. Park Yoochun’s voice saying ‘just pull it off’ can be heard in the middle of their performance as well. After their performance, Tahiti stated in an interview with the MC that, “This intro is a special one that we only use during our overseas performances, but we decided to use it today because we’re at Hongik University.”

In a video of Tahiti performing in Cambodia in March, JYJ’s ‘Mission’ can be heard as the intro of ‘Hasta Luego’.

Fans raised the issue with the entertainment agencies of both groups, and one fan posted an apology e-mail that they received from a representative of Dream Star Entertainment, the agency in charge of Tahiti.


The e-mail says, “We would like to apologize to the fans,” and “We decided to use the music as our intro at the suggestion of a concert representative during one of our overseas concerts.”

It also says, “We found out that the music had been reused due to the inattention of their manager,” and “Disciplinary action has been taken against the manager, and the music file has been terminated.”

Fans who read the e-mail said, “They shouldn’t send an individual e-mail like that; they should provide us with an official apology”, “I didn’t say anything at first because I assumed they had paid royalties before using the song, but the fact that the entertainment agency apologized shows that they used it without permission,” and “Even if the music was used at the suggestion of a concert representative, shouldn’t you have checked before using JYJ’s song, especially a composition by one of the members?”

Dream Star Entertainment stated in a phone conversation with CBS NoCut News that, “We didn’t know it was a JYJ song,” and “We said that it would be nice to have an intro to the concert, and one of the concert’s representatives, who had been the head of JYJ’s concert business team, brought the music to us and we began using it from Tahiti’s Philippine performance.”

The agency continued to add, “It should have ended as a one-time happening, but we kept using it for the Cambodia and Hongik University performances,” and “If we had known it was a JYJ song, we wouldn’t have used it.”

A representative of JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment stated, “We contacted the Korea Music Copyright Association and found out that they used the song without permission,” and “We have no idea who they are talking about when they bring up the concert business team representative.”

They continued to add, “But as their actions were unintentional, we will send them an official statement and take the proper actions against this violation that took place between two companies.”

JYJ’s ‘Mission’ was released in their 2011 album ‘In Heaven’ and was composed by Kim Junsu and had lyrics written by his brother JUNO.

Source: [CBS NoCut News]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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