[TRANS] 130709 Loen States, “The Statement That We Have Nullified Kim Junsu’s Promotions Is False, We’re Still In Discussions With C-JeS”

Loen Entertainment has released an official statement regarding the ‘Unlawful Tyranny Controversy’ brought against them by C-JeS Entertainment.

A representative of Loen stated in a phone conversation with Newsen that, “Regarding Kim Junsu’s showcase, C-JeS and Loen had not yet completed and signed a contract. This problem has arisen in the final stages of discussions between the two parties.”


They continued to add, “Many statements, conditions and requests have been said between the two parties in the discussion process of the contract. C-JeS posted their letter of plea in the middle of such a process, and their statement that Loen  unilaterally notified C-JeS of the nullification of promotional marketing strategies is completely false. A final decision on the contract hadn’t even been made yet.”

They also stated, “Loen and C-JeS will sign a distribution contract. If we had really nullified our promotional marketing strategies as C-JeS claims, information regarding Junsu’s showcase and its related event’s page would have been taken down from Melon’s homepage, but as netizens can see, the page is still open and fully functioning. The list of people who are chosen to attend the showcase will be released on Thursday (July 11th) as planned.”

(omitted, but the full official statement from C-JeS can be found here)

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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