[TRANS] 130708 What Is Kim Junsu’s ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’ About… Curiosity Increases For The Song


Singer Kim Junsu recently posted a description of ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’, a song from his second solo album, and has fans extremely curious as to what it sounds like.

On the 5th, Kim Junsu talked about the hidden process behind the creation of ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’, which hasn’t been released yet, on his personal Twitter account and has everyone curious to know what the song sounds like.

Kim Junsu began with, “It seems as though there are a lot of people who are curious about ‘Isn’t This Song Funny’,” and added, “If I were to describe this song… Although every single staff member tried to stop me and told me that this wasn’t what I should be doing, I didn’t step down from my decision and sang with a straight face. Even now, I find myself wondering, is this really okay? I feel nervous. But I have pride in this song.”

He also said, “When you hear this song, forget that it’s me and just listen to it. Because music is meant to be a creation of the freedom to express oneself,” and hinted that this song is different from anything he’s done before.

Fans who saw these tweets showed their excitement as they said, “I want to listen to it as soon as possible! I wonder if it’s a trot song”, “How much longer do I have to wait,” and “I wish you luck on this song.”

Regarding this song, a representative of Kim Junsu told OSEN, “‘Isn’t This Song Funny’ is a song that Kim Junsu composed and wrote the lyrics for, and is an interesting song with repetitive lyrics. Although Kim Junsu seemed shy about the song before recording it, he showed his affection for the song afterwards and called it ‘A song I’m proud about.'”

The representative then added, “Boom will be featured in the song as the narrator, and the song will showcase Kim Junsu’s rapping and singing talents.”

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu released the teaser video of his title song ‘Incredible’, and it’s become a huge hit for its powerful sound, and color and sophisticated visuals. Kim Junsu will be releasing his album and holding a showcase on the 15th, and will kick off his Asia Tour on the 20th.

Source: [osen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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