[FAN ACCOUNT] 130630 2013 JYJ Membership Week Korean Fanmeet

  JYJ 2013 Membership Week Fanmeet for Korean Fans: Fan account

[T/N: Hello, hello, hello! I was lucky enough to go to the fanmeet today and wanted to share my account with you. My personal comments will be added at the bottom. It’s long but seriously, totally worth it. Happy reading!]

It began with a run through of what had happened in the last year since the 2012 Membership Week and JYJ’s achievements were shown through a Facebook theme, with each event getting a wall post. It was pretty cute.

Then Boom came on and introduced JYJ and I kinda…. squee-ed. Only way to describe the noise that came out of my mouth. Yoochun wore a white polo shirt and black and white striped shorts. Jaejoong wore a light pink button down shirt that was quite… open in the chest area and white jeans while Junsu wore a short sleeve, button down shirt and white slacks.

Each had to do a greeting and Boom wanted them to do an ‘official’ greeting and a ‘special’ greeting, since it was a special fanmeet after all.

Boom: Cute or charismatic?
Junsu: ….. Do I have to?
Boom: Of course, given the event we’re in.
Junsu: ……. oh god. ……… Hi guys~
Boom: You call them ‘guys’ but there are some people here old enough to be your mother.
Junsu: … oh dear. Hello madams.

Jaejoong: Hello everyone *throws a kiss with his hand to the audience. Everyone goes crazy*

Yoochun: *sigh* ……. I really, really missed you *lots of aegyo. So much aegyo. omg the amount of aegyo was ridiculous.*


Next was a talk segment. The staff brought out four chairs and Junsu was about to sit down when he realized he was sitting right in front of Boom and the table, so he was trying to figure out if he should move to the other empty seat or not while Yoochun was giggling gleefully at him. He finally just sat down anyway.

There were three talks:
-> Talk 1: Behind the scenes of concerts

  • JYJ usually take a month to prepare for one concert
  • Boom asked if Junsu’s eyeliner wasnt washed away by the rain at Tokyo Dome and Junsu replied that a) TD has a closed roof and b) his sweat wiped all his eyeliner off
  • Yoochun talked about an episode that he had never talked about before. Once, he ate too much before going on stage and because the dance was so powerful, he err… upchucked.
  • Jaejoong added on and said it was during a performance of Rising Sun. And when they got into a line formation, it happened and Jaejoong was standing in front of Yoochun in the line and said “Hey, I didn’t know the staff had prepared a cake today.” And after that, they had to perform another song and Junsu was like “….wth??”
  • Jaejoong said that sometimes the members forget to check the zipper of their pants when they get on stage. They have no idea when they can fix it because the fans are so alert and catch on to everything.
  • To this, Junsu added that JYJ love looking at their fans but the fans don’t look at JYJ’s faces. They look “…..There.” They can feel the er… heated gaze of their fans. And that’s how they can tell when their fly is undone.
  • For concert plans as JYJ, Jaejoong said May next year? But even that is uncertain.

Talk 2 Awards talk- pretty short

  • Yoochun: Every award is meaningful but the ones we got after becoming JYJ were even more so, because of the hardships.
  • Jaejoong: The Best Rookie Actor Award. It feels great whenever I start something new.
  • Junsu: Every award is great but nothing beats the love from our fans. (Boom: Did you debut yesterday? That’s the kind of answer rookies give out lol)

Talk 3: Hobbies
(For the topics, each member had to role a die and Junsu rolled a 2 three times! He was giggling and laughing about it saying “wow I didn’t know this could happen eu kyang kyang kyang”)

  • Junsu: Hobby these days is listening to music because he’s been working on his album. Because of his album, he hasn’t been playing soccer that much these days.
  • Jaejoong: He’s actually been thinking about releasing a cookbook, but maybe later. He wants to become a certified cook and then write a book. He’s also open to having his own cooking show.
  • “Oh I have a short story to tell. It’s a sad one. Yesterday, around 5 or 6, I felt like eating spicy shrimp stew, so I ate it and went to bed. I woke up this morning and oh my god. The horror. The end.” His face got bloated from eating last night. We thought he had more to say but he was done.
  • Jaejoong’s other hobby is “Finding my   Youth again”. Boom asked him if he exercises, and Jaejoong says he does the complete opposite and tries to not move as much as possible.
  • Yoochun: Of course, golf.He says he enjoys it because it’s difficult. Boom says  that when Yoochun isn’t doing well, he’ll say “Ah…. I guess the ball just doesn’t want to listen to me today.” And when he misses an easy putt, he’ll look at the hole and say “Ah… you must not like my ball.” When it gets worse, he’ll suddenly start talking about the weather.
  • 70 percent of what Yoochun talks about these days is golf. Jaejoong says that the way Yoochun talks makes you think that he’s a pro going to play at the PGAs or something. Apparently Yoochun is trying to sweet talk Junsu into giving up soccer for golf. His reasoning is “You’re going to start playing eventually anyway, so why not start now?”
  • Boom says the most adorable thing about the whole situation is that Yoochun is really… bad at golf.


GAMES – 5 games
Game 1: Tongue twisters. They all failed so much at this one. Eventually, finally – omg it took so long but it was so adorable because they were trying so hard but failing so badly – Junsu won.

Game 2: Pictionary. Guess what the fans drew.
They all looked so genuinely confused at the pictures. One particular exchange was hilarious.
Jaejoong: Today? (This was the answer)
Junsu quickly writes this down on his sketchbook and displays his answer.
Boom: Jaejoong, next time don’t say your answer out loud. Junsu took your answer from you.
Junsu: Well it’s his fault for not knowing the rules properly. Heehee.

Game 3 : Blow and flip as many pages as you can in  a dictionary in one breath.
Yoochun got to like page 750 and everyone was like woahhh!!! And then Junsu tried and it was such an epic fail. He got a big fat 0. And then Jaejoong leaned over the desk to do it and because he didn’t button his shirt up, you could see inside his shirt. Fangirls started fangirling, as expected, and Jaejoong realized what had happened. He blamed the cameraman for zooming in and quickly buttoned up his shirt to the top. He didn’t get that many pages and Yoochun won. Apparently, even the staff got up to 400 pages? So Yoochun’s feat was amazing.

Game 4: Basketball.
Junsu got 44 points, Jaejoong did worse and Junsu was all “Hurr hurr Imma win”. And then Yoochun came and obliterated Junsu’s score XD Yoochun wins again!

Game 5: Speed quiz with a friend.
Jaejoong called Park Sung Woong, Junsu called Song Ji Hyo (Who was getting ready for a date apparently) and Yoochun called Lee Jung Jae. At first, Lee Jung Jae wasn’t doing well and Jaejoong thought he could evade last place and started jumping up and down and clapping. And then Yoochun beat them anyway. Jaejoong ran off stage.

Yoochun and Junsu could pick a random fan from the crowd through a lottery thing and give them a personal possession. Yoochun gave the fan a bracelet he was wearing while Junsu gave the other fan the earrings he had on.

Jaejoong came back on with a coat that had flowers sewn on inside and performed a comedic act that Heo Gyeong Hwan does called “Flower boy beggar” as his punishment for being last.


(While Junsu gets ready
JJ: *Out of breath* Yoochun… aren’t you tired?
YC: Yes… I’m not as young as I once was.
There was a lot of touching and leaning against each other with these two today. Lots of Jaejoong placing his hand on Yoochun’s thigh and Yoochun just kinda.. letting it be)

-Uncommitted (… So many hip thrusts and crotch shots O________O)
-Yoochun’s new solo, Walking in Spring with her (So. Freaking. GOOD)
– Japanese rock song by Jaejoong. It really fit his voice and he was pumped up! Got everyone up and jumping with him.
(Jaejoong says “This is OFFICIALLY, TECHNICALLY our last song. But if you chant encore, well… *wink wink*)
-Ayyy Girl acoustic version
-Fans chant Encore and JYJ like crazt
-EMPTY (let it go let it go let it go let it go~~~)

Then the concert was over and people kept staying around chanting JYJ till the staff got on the mic and told them all to leave.

So here is my fanaccount. The reason it’s so long is because I want you guys to enjoy this as much as I did. I wasn’t able to go to the Membership Week event last year because I was overseas with my parents, and I really, really loved it this year. It sucks to infinity that you guys can’t sign up for a membership, let alone come to these events. I heard that a few international fans came and begged the staff at the event to sign them up as members on the spot so they could go in, but were turned away. I hope that next year, you all will be here and enjoying this whole she-bang with me.

Anyway, I do in a way understand why there was so much security about phones and cameras and whatnot. But the fact that CJeS was so focused on that and not other things was really annoying. We had to stand out in the blazing sun with no shade set up for 20+ minutes to watch the Tokyo Dome performance DVD thing. We weren’t allowed inside at all until the event, so a lot of people had to stand out in the sun till they allowed people in for the fanmeet at 3:30pm. There were so many staff and security guards roaming around who would trail people and just stalk them, it personally made me feel really uncomfortable having men in suits with walkie talkies trailing me and peering at my phone screen to see what I was doing, when I was tweeting to you guys. Apparently, Japanese fans got better quality goods at the event than Korean fans did, which pissed a lot of Korean fans off. There are more things that were off about the event, but the work that JYJ themselves put into it made up for it in leaps and bounds.

Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s to hoping I’ll see y’all here next year! <3

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