[TRANS] 130619 K-Pop’s Representative Idol Stars Ask Questions To ‘The King Of K-Pop’ Jo Yong Pil

[T/N: This was an article requested by one of our followers on Twitter. I wasn’t sure if she wanted the whole article, or just the parts that mention TVXQ, but since Jo Yong Pil is a favorite in our household (my parents ADORE him) and I found the article pretty interesting, I was happy to do the whole thing. Sorry for it being a bit late :( All of the questions by TVXQ have been bolded!]

The ‘giant’ of K-pop, ‘the King of K-pop’ Jo Yong Pil has come face to face with globally popular K-pop ‘idol stars’.

Jo Yong Pil released his 19th album this year, the first album in 10 years, and his trendy songs, musical talent and passion is being loved by his long-time fans, as well as the younger generations. Selling over 200,000 copies of his 19th album, tracks such as ‘Bounce’ and ‘Hello’ have topped various online music charts.


The younger idols, who could be his grandchildren, have all raved about the return of the ‘King of K-pop’. Celebrities such as Big Bang’s Taeyang, SHINee’s Jong Hyun, KARA’s Kang Ji Young and 2AM’s Jo Kwon expressed their respect for him when his new album was released. Taeyang actually went to Jo Yong Pil’s showcase in April and took a photo with the ‘King’ to prove he was at the event.

To celebrate Sports Seoul’s 28th anniversary, we gave idol stars such as TVXQ, Super Junior, 2PM, Secret, SISTAR, and FT Island the opportunity to ask the ‘King of K-pop’ anything they’ve been curious about. The idols were able to ask questions they’ve always wanted to voice through Sports Seoul, and the ‘King’ answered back.

The idols were extremely happy and said, “We’re so honored to have the opportunity to ask him things we’ve been curious about.” Jo Yong Pil also said, “I think it’s been a great opportunity for me to connect with my juniors.” Here is the question and answer segment by the idol stars and the ‘King of K-pop’, Jo Yong Pil.


◇Jo Yong Pil and Music

– We’re really curious to know what the secret is behind taking care of your throat, since your voice has never changed, regardless of the time that has passed? (2PM Woo Young, FT Island Lee Hong Ki, FT Island Song Seung Hyun, CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa, Secret’s Song Ji Eun)
I always take care of my throat during rehearsals. And another secret is to reserve strength in your diaphragm to create a more powerful sound.

– You said that your methods of keeping your voice on point is constantly rehearsing. How do you conduct your rehearsals? (Boyfriend Dong Hyun)
You have to practice diligently, starting with warming up your throat. I also rehearse in the order of the tune, my pronunciation and my breathing.

– What does music mean to you? (Super Junior Kyu Hyun)
It’s life itself. It’s my entire life.

– What has motivated you to keep singing till now? (FT Island Song Seung Hyun)
Music has always been everything to me. It’s always been everything in my life. The motivation that has kept me singing till now, is the fact that I love, like and enjoy music. What’s most important is the fact that I have the confidence that I can do well.

– Where do you get your inspiration for your music? (Miss A Suzy, B.A.P Bang Yong Guk, Boyfriend Jung Min)
I listen to a lot of music, regardless of the genre. The secret behind my inspiration is listening to a lot of music and understanding the evolution and flow of music.

– It’s great to see you take on trendy music. Do you enjoy listening to trendy music, and if you do, what do you like listening to? (CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa, Boyfriend Don Hyun)
I always try to enjoy listening to the songs of each generation. I take interest in new songs that come out each year. I usually focus on the songs ranked on the Billboard Charts.

– I saw that you once said in an interview that you’re a ‘still-thirsty rocker’. Have you ever been interested in any genre other than rock? (Boyfriend Jung Min)
I first started music because I liked rock music. After that my dream was to try every genre of music, and I think I have. I’ve been practicing traditional Korean folk songs and pansori. I’ve returned to rock to do the music that I love.

– Your fandom is more passionate than any other star’s. What is your secret in maintaining such a special relationship with your fans? (SISTAR Hyorin)
I think it’s because of my concerts. I think my secret to gaining the love and support from my fans is continually holding concerts and meeting with my fans.

– Please tell us the secrets behind your long-run success as the ‘Unbeatable Presence’ of K-pop for many years. (2PM Junho, TVXQ U-Know Yunho)
I believe that singers need to make good music that focuses on the actual song and the melody. They have to be able to perform their songs on stage, and then carry this on to concerts where they can connect with their fans. I believe that a connection with fans through concerts is extremely important.

– With so much experience under your belt, what do you think about before getting on stage for a concert? In TVXQ’s case, we gather our dance team and staff to all say ‘Fighting!’ together. I was wondering if there’s anything you always do before going on stage? (TVXQ U-Know Yunho)
In the past, my band, called ‘The Great Birth’, and I would always say ‘Fighting!’ before getting on stage. These days, I always tell myself ‘Let’s do well today, like always’, even though I’ve done plenty of performances before.


◇Jo Yong Pil and Juniors

– What kind of advice would you give to junior singers or those wishing to become musicians? (CN Blue Kang Min Hyuk, B.A.P Dae Hyun)
For a singer, I think what’s most important is being able to play an instrument. Even if it’s just one, you should be able to play it like a professional. You also have to make the effort to experience and come into contact with a lot of music.

– Have you ever considered working with idols? (SISTAR Hyorin)
If given the opportunity, I’d like to.

– What thoughts cross your mind when you see idols these days? (SISTAR Bora)
Though their influence has increased due to TV exposure, I don’t think their performances on broadcasted stages connect well to the concert stage. I’d like for my juniors to at least start holding concerts, even if they’re small-scale concerts held only a couple of times, and work their way up. I think my juniors are extremely talented musicians. I think they’re more talented than our generation. The future of Korean music is bright. But these are, of course, my personal opinions.

– What thoughts cross your mind when you see juniors performing your songs? (SISTAR Bora)
I think they’re able to reinterpret it well to match their own styles. There are times when my songs feel so new through their interpretations that I wonder if that really was the same song that I sang.

– Which juniors have caught your eye or are the most hardworking?  And what made you think that about them? (Girls’ Generation Tiffany)
Teams that are able to musically express themselves very well catch my eye. I think there are a lot of juniors out there who are better than me. I have more to learn from them and they do from me. I’m not sure if I could pick out specific juniors. Haha.

– Would you be willing to give us the honor of holding a collaboration stage with SHINee? (SHINee Minho)
Minho recently came to see me as the MC of MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’. Haha. If given the opportunity, I’d like to work with SHINee.


◇Jo Yong Pil and Dreams

– When you were little, did you dream of becoming a singer? What made you think that you wanted to become a singer? (TVXQ Max Changmin)
I think dreams always change a little here and there. In my case, I was born in the generation that suffered through a war, so my first dream was to become a soldier. Then, I started to listen to music and I wanted to become a guitarist. When I started playing guitar, I started to want to become a singer.

– Having accomplished everything, what is your current dream? (2NE1 CL)
I still get excited about new music. I’d like to make the things I’ve always said in my interviews come true.


– You still look the same as you did in the past; please tell us the secret behind looking so young? Is there anything special that you do? (FT Island Choi Min Hwan)
I don’t really do anything special. Hahaha. Thank you for seeing me in that light. I don’t really do anything special, I just keep a regular routine and I try to follow it at all times.

Source: [sportsseoul]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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