[TRANS] 130622 JYJ Naver LINE Updates


(10:29am KST) Woohoo! I got one!!!!!!!!

(10:31am KST) Line stickers!!! They’re mine~! Mission complete! Awesome! haha


(11:06am KST) Let’s go! Kiddos!


(8:08pm KST) I am here!!!! Muahahahaha!!!


(8:12pm KST) Finally… I’ve hit the 90s Muahahaha!!
(8:14pm KST) I only need to cut my score down by ten more strokes~~~! haha

(8:41pm KST) I’ll post a photo when I cut my score down by ten more strokes~~~~^^ Have a great weekend haha

(8:49pm KST) Well, since I feel a little bad (about not giving you any photos now), look at this~


(8:50pm KST) I’ll post a close-up when my score hits the 80s~^^

(8:57pm KST) My skin came out looking dark because we were standing on the same side as the setting sun~ Don’t be alarmed~ haha I always make sure to put on my sun lotion when I go out to golf~~~~^^

Source: [JYJ’s LINE account]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

2 thoughts on “[TRANS] 130622 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

  1. hahaha..Chun’s updates I cannot! he truly have become a golfer ajussi now aigoo..hahaha…really sarang that man!<3<3

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