[TRANS] 130619 JYJ To Hold Their Fan Exhibition ‘Membership Week’, “A Nonprofit Large-Scale Fan Service Event”


On the back of last year’s successful large-scale fan service event, JYJ will be holding their second fan exhibition from the 27th of June.

C-JeS Entertainment stated, “From the 27th till the 30th of June, we will be holding the ‘2013 JYJ Membership Week’ event at SETEC Hall at Hakyeoul Station. The 3,000-pyung area will be divided into three areas and filled with contents related to JYJ. There will also be a fanmeet on the 29th and 30th.”

They also revealed, “The biggest merit of the Membership Week event is that JYJ participate from the earliest planning stages. This year, JYJ’s opinions were all taken into consideration and implemented, and we’ve created a space that focuses more on technology and a humanistic aspect, rather than big projects or IT technology. The ‘JYJ Art Gallery’ has been set up to create a space to connect with their fans and will feature artwork created by JYJ themselves.”

The four-day event will feature a media facade like last year, artwork made by the members and other interactive activities.

A sticker photo zone, which was extremely popular last year, has been set up for fans to take pictures with JYJ, and behind-the-scenes photos of JYJ’s activities are set to make the event a special experience for all fans.

A representative station, “The ‘JYJ Membership Week’ event is a large-scale fan service event that C-JeS Entertainment has created for those with a JYJ membership. We’ve turned down all endorsements and offers from public institutions, and we will not be selling any MD goods in order to keep it a nonprofit event, and entry is free-of-charge for all members.”

Meanwhile, last year’s ‘2012 JYJ Membership Week’ event was the first fan exhibition event created by a celebrity in Korea and attracted 7,024 fans from Japan. Not only did this break the record for the most number of foreigners arriving in Korea in one day, but the tourism industry estimated the economic impact of the event to be over 10 billion Won.

Source: [TV Daily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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