[TRANS] 130617 JYJ’s Kim Junsu Will Kick Off An Asia Tour WIth The Release Of His Second Solo Album In July


JYJ’s Kim Junsu will kick of an Asia Tour with the release of his solo album.

C-JeS Entertainment revealed on the 17th that, “Kim Junsu (XIA) will be releasing his album in mid-July and starting off in Thailand on the 20th of July, he will be performing on the 28th of July in Shanghai, and in Seoul and Busan in August. With a domestic tour included, he is set to kick off a large-scale Asia tour,” and “When he released his first solo album in 2012, Kim Junsu became the  first solo male singer to hold a high-quality World Tour in 11 cities. So anticipation is high for his upcoming Asia tour.”

A representative of the agency stated, “Kim Junsu is hard at work, preparing for his concert and feeling excited to greet both his Korean and international fans for the first time in a while with his second solo album,” and “He will take on the challenge of new genres for his second album, which will also include captivating powerful performances and Kim Junsu’s signature ballads, and his tour in Asia is expected to be the hottest concert to look out for this Summer.”

Meanwhile, with Kim Junsu being chosen as the artiste with the greatest ticket power, getting tickets for his Korean concerts is expected to be a bloodbath.

Source: [asiatoday]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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