[TRANS] 130609-130611 JYJ Official Weibo Updates

(Fan’s mention, 12.34pm KST, 130609, Korean post) Has oppa eaten?
(3.54pm KST, 130609, Korean post) Oppa hasn’t been able to eat yet!^^

(Fan’s mention, 3.09pm KST, 130610, Korean post) Xiah Junsu, you are the most perfect existence in this world…
(3.11pm KST, 130610, English post) haha Xie Xie (T/N: ‘xie xie’ means thank you in Chinese)

(6.04pm KST, 130610, Korean & Chinese post) Playing golf this weekend~ It’s fun~

(4.28pm KST, 130611, Korean & Chinese post) My No.1 ‘must-have item’ recently !!  -JJ

(4.30pm KST, 130611) NO. 2. ^^

(4.51pm KST, 130611, Korean post) A hand and a hand.

Source: [JYJ Official Weibo]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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