[TRANS] 130601 Emoto Rie’s Blog – Meeting Tohoshinki Again!?

(Translator’s Note: So we don’t do that many blog posts, but I thought this one was too aww to pass)

(T/N: Emoto Rie is a Japanese host/MC. Most of us would probably remember her from 2006-ish when she worked with the boys during their earlier days in Japan. She was the host of Peace!, the program that did a whole series of episodes with the boys, including following them on promotions, as well as the crazy (but hilarious) sports competitions etc. )

Tohoshinki’s concert at the Fukuoka Yahoo! Auctions Dome on 25 & 26 May (Sat & Sun).

I was grateful to have received an invitation this time as well, so I went to cheer them on from the eyes of someone who was like “an auntie figure” as usual!

“Did you get to meet Tohoshinki in person? What did you talk about?” For the fans who have been very curious about all this, I shall only share this here ☆ Here is my report!

I’ll start with the conclusion, yes, I was able to meet them! And I got to speak to them!

It’s been almost a year since I last met them. Yunho and Changmin have not changed at all on the inside, and I mean in a good way!

Yunho said, “Emorie-san,you haven’t changed at all~! Baby face!” While I was wondering when he had learnt how to say “baby face” in Japanese, I replied, “Both of you seem to have aged a little?!”, and they burst out laughing.

I attended the concert on Saturday, but I had to leave the venue by the time the encore began because I had left my daughter (Ume-chan), who is going to be one soon, at home… I wasn’t able to meet them that day, and I thought that it was probably difficult for me to be able to meet them this time, but they made time to meet me before the concert on Sunday (;_;)

Since I brought Ume-chan along, it honestly became a meeting centered around her!

When I met Tohoshinki last year, I was still pregnant with Ume-chan, and they sent “power” to my stomach with wishes that I would have a smooth delivery. So when they met an energetic Ume-chan in person this time, both said “Wow~ ☆” and looked very happy.

Also, Ume-chan, who received hugs from Yunho and Changmin, was stiff throughout! Perhaps she was nervous because she felt their strong aura, but she didn’t smile as she usually does.

(Perhaps it’s also because) the unfamiliar hands of Yunho and Changmin were holding her. Changmin seemed to hold her especially gingerly as he does not seem to have had much experience carrying babies.

Yunho tried to help Ume-chan loosen up, even if just by a little, and tried to make her laugh by going “Paa~!!!” and playing peek-a-boo with her. But Ume-chan ended being “!!”, a shocked expression like those in comic books. Her lips became a straight line and she looked like she was about to cry any moment!

Yunho panicked and started to move his body back and forth, going “Pa☆Pa☆Pa☆”, desperately trying to cheer her up and comfort her.

And for some reason Changmin hurriedly disappeared from sight (^-^;

Thankfully, Ume-chan stopped just short of crying. Everyone was relieved and the scene was calm again!

When I asked Changmin why he fled, he replied, “I didn’t know what to do~”

Also, Yunho told Ume-chan “Come watch our concert five years later okay~” And when I said, “Ume-chan might become an actress in future!”, Yunho replied, “I will produce the soundtrack for the drama that Ume-chan stars in~ Till then, Tohoshinki will work hard~” Changmin smiled listening to this conversation.

… And so, our 15-minute visit ended in an amiable atmosphere!

I think many might be aware of this, but soon after Tohoshinki made their debut in Japan, there was a segment on Nishinippon TV’s late-night show “Peace!” called the “Tohoshinki Project”, which was a segment to cheer Tohoshinki on, and that was where I first met them as a reporter.

We did our first comprehensive coverage on the activities of a Korean star, beginning with their event at Canal City, Hakata. We went into the filming sites for their concert videos, did “fashion checks” during interviews, and occasionally had Futsal, basketball and bowling competitions with the artistes. They really did a lot of things for us and showed various sides of themselves.

They’ve become big now, and it’s become harder to meet them on shows, but I’ve always still received an invitation each time they have a concert in Fukuoka.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Tohoshinki and their staff for cherishing the relationships we formed through “Peace!” even till now.

I would also like to thank the warm-hearted Tohoshinki’s fans, who have supported my work as well because of that connection!

It would be great if I could meet them again in Fukuoka again next year☆

If you see me at a concert venue please call out to me! Let’s have fun talking about “Peace!” (which has probably become precious footage by now)!!

It would be nice if I could meet JYJ too~.
This older sister believes that they are healthy and working hard!!
Although these 3 always used to refer to me as Obachan (Auntie)…

From me, who is still holding onto roots σ(^_^;

Source: [Emoto Rie’s Blog]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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  1. Thank you so so much for the translation

    you guys are the first translators who gave the full trans others cut the JYJ part

    Thank you again ^^

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