[TRANS] 130531-130605 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

(6:24pm KST, 130531) I’ve worked hard! So I’m going to go eat dinner now! haha

(10:46am KST, 130603) July! XIA’s second album! Please anticipate it!! keke


(10:48am KST, 130603) Are you sleeping..? To the people who are friends with me through LINE, though you live halfway around the world! You guys! You guys are all listening to what I’m saying, right?^^ Hi~~~~~~~!

(12:24pm KST, 130604) [Park Yoochun’s birthday] A surprise planned by the other members-!! Check out the photos from their cheerful surprise party and other events during the upcoming Membership Week!!


(12:34pm KST, 130604) Happy birthday to you~! Happy birthday to you~! ^^ Happy birthday to Yoochun~~~~ All together now~~~~ two~ three!


(8:08am KST, 130605) Thank you to everyone who sent me their birthday wishes!!!^^
(8:11am KST, 130605) Your sincere..! birthday wishes kept me feeling happy all day~~ Thank you, everyone

Source: [JYJ’s LINE account]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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