[EVENT] Yoochun’s Birthday Event

Hi all!

Sorry we’re a little late on this but it’s our Yoochun birthday event!!!  (Seriously guys, we ventured up half a mountain to see his momma and his dog, we really love this guy…. just that we are really busy )

So as we all know, Park Yoochun is a man of many talents – he acts really well, and writes great songs, but nothing is quite s epic as his English raps :) We cringe and cry at his mutilation of our native language yet we love the child so much that we let him get away with it.

For this event, we want you to vote for your favourite English rap phrase / line from Park Yoochun, and also add an explanation of what you think he actually meant OR why you like this line.

Just submit your answer in a format similar to the example below :


 [Competition]  Yoochun’s Birthday Event

Name :

Country :

Email :

Phrase / Line  :  Try to save my life like a puppy& cream

Explanation :  Anything with puppies = win.


If you submit this correctly, you should receive a notice that your comment has been sent to the moderation queue :)

Submit your answers by 00:00 KST on 9 June, and we’ll be choosing 2 people – one who selected the most popular line, and another with the best explanation, and you’ll get the following prizes, together with some small items :)

Prize 1 : Most Popular Line

Yoochun 2012 Asia Tour Fanmeeting Folder Set

Prize 2 : Best Explanation

Yoochun Fanart T-Shirt (Bought from Time Out before it closed D:)

Good luck guys~!

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