[TRANS] 130428 – 130505 TIME Tour Staff Diary ★Here Goes Ms T & Mr T★

2013.05.05 – Double-pocket Clear File!

It’s Mr T!

The concert in Sapporo will be beginning soon!!

The goods, CD/DVD and fanclub booths at the Sapporo venue are set-up at the carpark outside.
It seems that fans who purchase the “TIME” album at the venue will receive the double-pocket clear file~
There are three patterns , “past”, “present” and “future”, to choose from, and the concert venue for that day is also printed on the reverse side!!

Since we’re in Sapporo today, “SAPPORO DOME 2013.05.05” has been nicely printed on the back!
In other words, the print “NAGOYA DOME 2013.05.10 2013.05.11”, will be on the files available at the Nagoya Dome.

The “Venue Limited Message Ballpens” are also rare items that are only available on that particular date, at that particular venue, but also be sure to get the “double-pocket clear file” as well!
They will be available right up to the last stop, so please do drop by♪

2013.05.05 – Sapporo! Mini-Dorayaki!

It’s Ms T!

The Sapporo concert has begun~
It rained a little in the morning, but everyone’s fired up now so the weather seems to be working in our favour as well!
That being said, it’s still a little cold so be careful not to catch a cold.

Today, I’ll be introducing the mini-dorayakis that are a big hit at the concert venue♪

They were made available (to the staff) at the rehearsal venue as well as it Saitama, but they were finished within minutes.
I guess everyone was hungry since they’d been working since morning…
Therefore, two boxes were provided in Sapporo (laughs)

It’s a chunky bean paste type, but it’s not that grainy, so it should be alright even for people who don’t really like grainy bean paste?
Each one is 5cm across so it’s a good size as a snack.

The members, dancers and band members all enjoyed eating them as well!
It’ll be gone in no time so I’m snapping a picture of it first.

The dorayaki you get at the airport is good as well, but do get the mini-dorayakis as a memory of the “TIME” tour♪

2013.05.02 – Mini-Truck -TIME-!

It’s Mr T!

Today, I’ll be introducing the “Mini-Truck -TIME-“!

This is already a customary item!
I believe there are many people who have the “monochrome version” or “colour version” trucks that were sold at the previous tour!

This time, there are actually two versions. The “album version” that could be seen driving around the city center, and the “tour version”, that was made using pictures from the tour pamphlet.

It was originally planned for only the “album version” to go on sale, but the “tour version” was added in quickly, after the pictures in the tour pamphlet were so well-received.
However, I think that it is a wonderful thing that the “album version” serves like a catalogue, to compile the images on the CD albums of them as artists (o^∇^o)ノ

I lined up the mini-trucks from the previous tour as well!
Although they’re min-trucks, they really are outstanding..

※The “monochrome version” and “colour version” trucks that were sold during the “TONE” tour are no longer available for sale.

2013.05.01 – Sticker Set in a Can!

It’s Ms T!

Sorry about (not posting) yesterday!!
I was absent-minded as the excitement and emotions from Saitama were still lingering…

Since I’m in a better state of mind now, let’s continue the behind-stories of the production of the goods!
Moving on, I’ll be introducing the sticker set in a can♪

The logo sticker is great for people who travel often as you can stick it on your passport case or suitcase (人´З`)☆

The stickers come in many different colours, and I heard that this transparent type was chosen among 10 different materials~

The staff at Saitama are all hard at work at the venue, but we spotted some stickers being stuck on their laptops or notebooks!

The feedback was that since it’s not made of paper, the sticker does not tear apart when you are trying to peel it off. Also, it sticks on nicely even on curved surfaces♪
If you were to stick it on a personal artifact, it cheers you up be it on concert days or on a regular day ★

The can can also be used, and this is available at an affordable 900 yen!
I have placed them in on the desk with sticky notes and clips so that I can hand them to seniors once they ask for it!

2013.04.29 – Final day at Saitama!

It’s Mr T!

It’s just a little more than 2 hours till the opening of the final concert at Saitama Super Arena…
We’ve been blessed with good weather over these 3 days, it’s even a little hot today!!
But the wind is cooling so the weather is really great.
It’s early but there are already people wearing the tour T-shirts and waiting in line for the doors to open~

There are also fanclub booths and CD/DVD booths at the venue.
For those who have already purchased the tour goods, please feel free to visit these booths as well.

The fanclub booth can be identified by this bright red Bigeast tent~
Applications are open for new members or membership renewals!
We are also here (laughs)!

In the neighbouring tent, the jumbo towel (black version), the desktop calendar full of behind-the-scenes shots and the diary are also on sale for members who have had their membership for more than 2 years.
If you were to renew your membership there, you will get a black towel on the spot!

We spotted some stylish fans outside the venue ♪

The take-out bag that stands out against a fully bright red outfit, the classy contrast of red x black…it’s no joke.
Matching mini-tote between parent and child or friends.
Everyone is so fired up, we have to work harder too~

2013.04.28 – How the snowglobe was made…

It’s Ms T!

It’s day two of the opening concerts today!
The concert will be beginning soon.

I am really honoured to be able to experience this stage full of excitement and emotions, and enjoy a “TIME’ full of happiness with everyone! From those who experienced this stage yesterday and those who are about to experience it today, to everyone who is looking forward to the other concerts.

The sky is also clear today at Saitama!
Has everyone seen the giant snowglobe replica which Mr T uploaded a picture of yesterday?
It will remain as a phototaking spot for everyone right till the end of the concert today~

I’ll be introducing the behind-the-scenes stories of the production of the snowglobe ♪

It seems like much effort went into the careful production of the snowglobe, and it took more that half a year from planning to completion!
The snowglobe was secretly being planned from the time the dome tour was decided upon.
“Isn’t it impossible for such a historic moment to be compressed and stored permanently (in a snowglobe)!!” (;・д・A

Using a special clay, the sculptor first made a form based on the design.
Changes and additions were made to the form based on the consideration that it would be placed inside a glass globe.
Doesn’t the figurine somehow appear really small compared to the globe?

But once water is added, it appears that much bigger. wowww (・д・oノ)ノ

The visual effect of light refraction is explained so evidently here.
It appears approximately 1.7 times larger!

The colours were confirmed and modified, and the glitter was chosen, before the snowglobe is finally completed with the setting of the clock.

Although it’s a little pricey, this is because of the time and effort that went to making it.
The battery of the clock can also be replaced. This item will be a nice addition to any collection.

Source : [Tohoshinki TIME Special Site]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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