[TRANS] 130428-130430 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

(5:32pm KST, 130428) Everyone~ It’s me, Jaejoong~^^ How are you all doing on this fine Spring day~~ I went on a vacation. It was a great vacation that I left for in good spirits after completing all activities for my solo album and Asia Tour~
(5:34pm KST, 130428) The happiest thing for us these past few years is that there is a vacation waiting for us as a sweet reward when we work very, very hard. hahaha~~~^^
(5:35pm KST, 130428) I spent a week in Japan. I met many friends and ate a lot of delicious food….!! I made some great memories during this time that I’d like to give you all a glimpse of~^^


(5:36pm KST, 130428) This is the photo I took riding a helicopter!!^^ Guess who I was in the helicopter with?

(5:38pm KST, 130428) The great friend who had come to Korea to see me ^^!!


(5:39pm KST, 130428) Here’s a commemorative picture we took in the sky!^^
(5:41pm KST, 130428) And!! I went to the amusement park with my friend~~^^


(5:43pm KST, 130428) A sweet, week-long vacation~ I found myself saying that I was happy many times a day. I was so overjoyed that laughter would burst out of me because I felt so good~^^




(6:06pm KST, 130428) Last but not least, here’s a beautiful photo that I want to share with you. And now I’m going to sleep in my room that I’ve missed ^^
(6:06pm KST, 130428) The love that you’ve all shown me wherever I go for a concert~ Is as beautiful as this~ Thank you~


(3:57pm KST, 130430) The weather’s gre~~~at~~!!


(3:59pm KST, 130430) Here’s a selfie~ kekekekeke Bye~~~~~~~ Bye bye

Source: [JYJ’s LINE account]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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