[TRANS] 130424 TIME Tour Staff Diary ★Here Goes Ms T & Mr T★

2013.04.24 – Clear Keyholder (12 types) !

It’s Mr T!

Today, I’ll be introducing the clear keyholder!

I heard that it was initially planned for these to be sold through vending machines at the venue, but it was later decided for it to be sold together with the other goods, so as to avoid (fans) having to queue for a long time in different queues.

In other words, the clear keyholders will also be available for purchase at the same booths as the other goods. And of course, it is the targeted product for the “Members Limited Receipt Campaign” ♪

Perhaps the reason why it’s in a capsule is to retain some of the excitement from purchasing it through vending machine. It is true that there is some fun when you open the capsule with a ‘pop’ ♪o(^-^ o )(o ^-^)o♪ Since it’s a blindfold* product, the capsule is put into a black bag~

By the way, out of the 12 designs, I like the two shots which are other cuts of the photos used in the tour pamplet. Even as a guy, they look fascinating and cool!

*(T/N: random, you do not get to choose the design)

Source : [Tohoshinki TIME Special Site]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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