[TRANS] 130418 – 130419 Staff Diary ★Here Goes Ms T & Mr T★

(Translator’s Note : The names of the 2 staff on the original website are T美 and T郎 which.. really don’t make much sense at all in English hence the liberties with the name)

04.18. 2013

Hi everyone, I’m the new Bigeast Staff  Ms T . You probably know us from the Bigeast Member’s Magazine….

From today, Mr T and I will be the official reporters, randomly bringing you news about the production of the goods and other information, so please remember to check it out♪

04.18. 2013

Hi everyone! I’m Mr. T.

Congrats on the special site opening!

We’ve released the goods list! Immediately, I asked the goods staff about one item that they’re concerned about.


<T – Holder>

When you gather thousands of these, you could make a red ocean!This time, there will be a magical connector “T-Holder” which allows you to make a T with just one hand ∑(`∀゜´*) Wow!!!

They thought about making an actual T-shaped light but decided to make a connector after considering the shape as well as as being able to use (the penlights) that everyone already has.
Its great that the T-holder is also shaped in the form of a T!
I tried putting in the penlight that comes with the tickets that are eligible for a free penlight (its design is different from the one being sold), and the red light is not blocked, so please don’t worry♪

As it will be dangerous if you swing it too strongly, so please be careful when using it in the concert hall.
We might also end up glowing red during the live…( *´艸`)

04.19. 2013

Ahh!! Should I say “as ever” or “even more so than before”… they look so good this time as well!! ヽ(*`゚∀゚´)ノォォォォォォォォォォ!

Both Mr T and I went for this shoot as well, and events such as Yunho actually falling asleep while doing the sleeping scene, the images on the monitor being so amazing that we used our phones to take photos of these images, and Changmin’s eye expressions that looked past the camera giving the cameraman goosebumps left a deep impression.

We definitely have confidence in the product with the two of them!

By the way, I read the message that the two of them wrote at the end, and I was about to cry。。。・゚・(*ノД`*)・゚・。

I will follow the two of you forever!!! Everyone too, right !?

Source : [Tohoshinki TIME Special Site]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net