[TRANS] 130417 ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master’ Max Changmin Is Deemed By His Opponent As ‘The Easiest To Beat’


The episode of KBS 2TV’s variety show ‘Our Neighborhood’s Master of Variety and Sports’ that aired on the 16th showed Max Changmin looking offended at being chosen by his opponents as the person who looked the easiest to beat.

On this day’s episode, the celebrity team of Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Byung Man, Park Sung Ho, Max Changmin, Jo Dal Hwan and Minho went up against the Sangdo-dong team of Park Seon Wook, Lee Sang Hee, Kang Eun Soon, Jo Han Sung, Kang Bong Seok, Kwon Min Seon and Kim Young Rae in a battle of table tennis.

Before the competition began, Sangdo-dong’s Kwon Min Seon was asked, “Which member of the celebrity team would you like to go up against?” and shyly picked Max Changmin.

Following this, Kang Ho Dong asked, “Who would be your ideal type?” and was met by an unexpected answer of Kwon Min Seon choosing Kim Byung Man instead of Max Changmin.

Max Changmin was unable to hide his surprise and when he was told by Kwon Min Seon that she had chosen him because of his lack of table tennis skills, as she herself had not been playing for long, he had everyone laughing with his retort, “Oh~ (You chose me) because I’d be the easiest to beat?”

Meanwhile, the celebrity team was unable to beat the Sangdo-dong team, even with their hidden ace Jo Dal Hwan, much to the disappointment of the show’s viewers.

Source: [hankooki]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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