[TRANS] JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Ends Asia Tour, Over 38,000 Fans Charmed!

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong held his final leg of his Asia Tour in Taiwan. Kim Jaejoong, who released his solo mini-album “Your, My and Mine” in January, toured 6 cities starting in Korea, followed by Thailand, China (Shanghai & Nanjing), Hong Kong and Taiwan, creating unforgettable memories with over 38,000 fans.

On 13 April, Kim Jaejoong successful held his final mini concert “Your, My and Mine in Taiwan” in the Taiwan University Gymnasium, meeting with over 4,000 fans. During this Asian tour, Kim Jaejoong also held many events for fans to find out more about him, such as a Mini Talk, Quiz Show, Speed Quiz, and also cooking for the fans, inviting more than 120 fans on stage, and had an enjoyable time as the artist and fans became one.

When Kim Jaejoong transformed into a rocker for the Mini-concert the response was explosive. Fans were charmed by his glamorous rocker image, and the cheers did not stop throughout the whole mini-concert. Kim Jaejoong said, “Even though we don’t speak the same languages, I believe that the fans will be able to feel the emotions expressed in my songs. Thank you,” showing his unwillingness for the tour to end.

Kim Jaejoong’s album “I”, which was released on 17 January, and the repacked album “Y” have recorded a total of 20,000 in sales.

Source : [KStyle News]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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