[TRANS] 130411 Kwon Sang Woo Says, “Of All The People I’ve Ever Met, TVXQ’s Yunho Was The Most Unexpected”


Actor Kwon Sang Woo described Jung Yunho in an amicable way as he stated, “Of all the people I’ve ever met while working, he’s been the most unexpected, but in a good way.”

Kwon Sang Woo, who captured the attention of viewers with his role in SBS’ Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Queen of Ambition’, recently held an interview at a cafe in Nonhyun-dong.

Regarding Jung Yunho, who was the rival of Kwon Sang Woo’s character, the actor stated, “Working with him, I’ve found that he’s loyal and a great human being. He’s well-mannered, and so kind and innocent that he almost seems foolish. I’d like for us to stay in touch.”

He added, “Yunho had a hard time filming ‘Queen of Ambition’. At times, the various situations on set caused him to shrink back in intimidation. Though there were times when others would have lashed out in frustration, he never outwardly expressed his pains and overcame it all. Even just looking at his title as a member of TVXQ shows just how ‘god-like’ his presence is as a singer, but he never showed off about it or let it get to his head.”

Kwon Sang Woo praised Jung Yunho for improving, though the singer was afraid at first because it wasn’t his usual career field.

He looked proud of gaining another close friend as he stated, “I think his acting has really improved through this drama. He’s changed a lot from when he first started off. But whether someone is good or bad at acting isn’t very important to me. What matters is that he’s a charming guy who draws you in. Of all the people I’ve ever met, he’s been the most unexpected.”



Source: [tv report]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


One thought on “[TRANS] 130411 Kwon Sang Woo Says, “Of All The People I’ve Ever Met, TVXQ’s Yunho Was The Most Unexpected”

  1. thanks so much for this. As it is, so few translations are done for YH. Pls keep up with your translation esp for YH. Your work is much appreciated!

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