[TRANS] 130411 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

(1:56pm KST) Everyone~~~~~~~ We miss you guys~~~~~~~~
(1:56pm KST) Today, we were suddenly hit by the feeling of missing our fans who are so far away from this place~~~~~!
(1:58pm KST) Our fans in Spain~~~~~ Are you getting ready to go to school or work? It’s in the early hours of the morning, right? Buenos dias~~~^^ That’s right, right? haha
(1:59pm KST) Our European fans in France, the UK and Germany, where we held one of our concerts, you’re all doing well, right? ^_____^
(1:59pm KST) And way~~~ over there~~~ Our lovely fans in Chile and Peru~~~ If only a non-stop flight there was created asap.~~~
(2:00pm KST) We miss you guys as well, our fans from Mexico and Brazil~~~ Hi, hi guys~~~
(2:00pm KST) Ah! We heard that our Israeli fans are visiting Korea. Welcome to Korea~~ haha
(2:01pm KST) We need to go see you guys soon.. We really miss you~~ We’re doing well!! We’re so very, very happy these days~~ You’re all happy too, right? Let’s all be happy~~
(2:03pm KST) Get to know each other through LINE. It would be nice to see you guys asking each other how your day was and sharing photos~~ Did you see the photo of the three of us in a recent article? We still look awesome~ Muahahahahahaha


(2:05pm KST) Let’s all be friends and get along, sharing good information with each other. Because we become one through JYJ~~ haha Do that, okay?~~~ Bye bye~~~

Source: [JYJ’s LINE account]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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