[TRANS] 130405 [JYJ’s Tokyo Dome Comments] It’s Already Been 10 Years Since Their Debut? “We Don’t Believe It”


JYJ (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) proved yet again just how popular they still are in Japan.

For the first time since AVEX unilaterally suspended all of their Japanese activities in 2010, JYJ held their ‘The Return of the JYJ’ live concert for three days at Tokyo Dome. JYJ attracted a total of 150,000 fans to Tokyo Dome, the ‘Stage of Dreams’ that only the stars at the top of the league can dream of going to.

This was the group’s first official Japanese activity in four years and the welcome JYJ received from their fans was more explosive than ever, starting from the airport. When JYJ arrived in Haneda Airport on the 27th of March, 1,000 fans who had been waiting from the early hours of the morning greeted them with cheers and shouts, loud enough to break through the roof of the airport.

All 150,000 seats were immediately sold out when reservations opened. With the number of fans looking for tickets surpassing three times the number of seats available, C-JeS Entertainment decided to air the concert live in 118 cinemas across Japan.

As some of K-pop’s most representative singers, JYJ have secured their spot as top stars and are rewriting the history of Hallyu. We’ve collected some of the comments they made during their Tokyo Dome concerts.


– “Without Junsu, we’re JY!”
While JYJ were talking to their audience, Kim Junsu hurriedly left the stage to prepare for his solo performance, stating ‘I have to go!’ As Junsu left, Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong joked, “Junsu’s gone. That makes us JY!” and had the audience bursting out in laughter.

– “This many people got married in the last four years?”
After performing ‘Only Love’, Kim Jaejoong began holding a conversation with his fans. When he asked, “In the past four years, many changes have taken place for the members, but I’m sure it’s the same case for you all, right? Are there any people here who got married or had kids in the past four years?” he was met with a response from a large number of fans. To this, Kim Jaejoong said, “Wait, what??” and had fans laughing.

– ‘Rainy Blue’, a song full of precious memories
During their Tokyo Dome concerts, JYJ included ‘Rainy Blue’ in their set list, a song they had sung as members of TVXQ. Their reason was, “We chose to sing this song to bring back the memories of four years ago, when we stood on this very stage and sang this song. It’s a song full of precious memories for us, and it gets us reminiscing about the past.”

– “24,552 hours have passed by…”
With the start of the concert, a video started playing in which JYJ said, “June 12th and 13th, 2010. The first time we stood on the stage of Tokyo Dome as JYJ, we were so happy. We left Tokyo Dome that day, hoping that we would be returning very soon. But at the time, who could have known… that it would take so long for us to meet with you again. 24,552 hours have passed by. We are here to get JYJ out of those dark and drawn out times.”

– “It’s already been 10 years?”
In December, 2013, JYJ will be celebrating their 10th anniversary and when asked how they felt about that, Kim Jaejoong turned to the members and asked, “Do you guys feel like it’s really been 10 years?” looking as though he couldn’t believe that it had already been 10 years since their debut.

– “Playing soccer to stay around till the 20th anniversary…”
To Kim Jaejoong’s comment, Kim Junsu replied, “I can’t believe that so much time has passed already. There were so many smiles and tears in the past 10 years, but I’ve had such amazing experiences and learned so much in that time.” Looking back on the past 10 years, Kim Junsu had everyone smiling when he added, “We’re running right for our 20th anniversary without slowing down. I’m playing soccer so I don’t get worn out… Because stamina is the most important thing for guys…”

Source: [TV Daily]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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