[TRANS] 130405 In Response To SBS’ ‘JYJ Concert Report’, Netizens Say, “Don’t Generalize Them As A Part Of Hallyu”

On the 4th, SBS reported that JYJ sold out all 150,000 seats of their Tokyo Dome performances. In response to this, netizens criticized, “Those aren’t Hallyu fans, those are JYJ fans,” and “Stop generalizing JYJ’s achievements as those of the Hallyu Wave.”

JYJ held their ‘The Return of the JYJ in Tokyo’ concert from the 2nd till the 4th at Tokyo Dome. Reporting their concert, SBS stated, “With the relationship between Korea and Japan freezing up and the Hallyu Wave’s popularity dwindling in Japan, it seems as though things are getting better.” Visiting a Korea Town in Japan, the SBS reporter stated, “With a continuous string of large-scale concerts by Hallyu stars in Japan, many are curious to see if the dying popularity of the Hallyu Wave will be revived this year.”


Netizens threw sharp criticisms at SBS’ report of the concert.

One netizen (soce****) stated, “There exist Hallyu singers who can’t appear on Korean TV? And they have the nerve to slide in news about SM Town, which is part of the entertainment agency that’s stopping JYJ from performing in Korea, into news about JYJ’s concert? How underhanded. Those people aren’t Hallyu fans, they’re people who have waited for JYJ for three years. Korean broadcasting companies do all they can to stop JYJ from appearing on Korean television but once they do something amazing, they make it sound like their achievements were because of Hallyu. How disgusting.”

Other comments included, “I know for a fact that large-scale entertainment agencies have held concerts across the world using our tax money and exaggerated their successes to fill their pockets with even more money. It’s great that Hallyu is improving Korea’s image in the world, but it sickens me to see such acts by broadcasting companies who seal dirty deals with an entertainment agency that’s tying JYJ down and blocking their names from getting out… This isn’t the first time that JYJ’s achievements have been over generalized to that of K-pop as a whole.” (Daechae****)

More criticisms followed stating, “Though I can understand the broadcasting company’s desire to revive the dying popularity of the Hallyu Wave, shouldn’t it also focus on relaying news accurately? They should be focusing on how JYJ have survived and are still so popular when they haven’t been able to sing a single note on TV in many years whereas the Hallyu Wave, which was backed heavily by the government, is slowly fading away.” (soce****)

Since they beginning of their conflicts with former agency SM Entertainment, and their unilateral contract suspension by AVEX in 2010, JYJ have not been able to appear on TV or release albums through regular procedures. In November of 2012, JYJ ended their legal battle with SM Entertainment with a settlement, and won their lawsuit against AVEX in January of this year.

During a press conference on the 4th, JYJ stated, “The meaning of the first time we stood on this stage (Tokyo Dome) was ‘a new beginning’. We could have never guessed that it would be our last Japanese performance,” and “We were frustrated about not being able to perform or appear on TV, both our Korean and Japanese activities were completely blocked off.”

However, they added, “But, it was a time for us to grow and mature as people and artistes. We’re grateful for every little thing that has happened,” and “Now, even just having our voices on the radio makes us happy. We would like for this concert to be a new beginning, rather than an end.”

They continued to state, “Just because our legal issues have been resolved, doesn’t mean that the obstacles around us will go away,” and “We know that the external pressure around us might intensify. Nothing is going as we had planned. But we will do our best, however small the tasks that we’re given are.”

Meanwhile, domestic fans cheered JYJ on as they successfully completed all three of their Tokyo Dome concerts. Netizens left comments such as, “The three of you really are the representatives of Hallyu! You’re amazing! I can’t wait to see what you do next! Keep going!” (spdd****), “Please perform in Korea~~” (bear****) and “I was sad to see the Hallyu Wave faltering because of the Dokdo issue, but the explosive response JYJ received in Japan shows how strong Hallyu still is. I’m proud to be Korean. Great job, JYJ~” (ldwc****)

Source: [gobalnews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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