[TRANS] 130405 JYJ’s ‘Sorrow’ Of Three Years Is Melted Away By The Cheers Of 50,000 Fans – Concert Review #2


*Continued from Part 1…

The latter half of the concert had all three members of JYJ on stage together. JYJ started off by singing ‘In Heaven’, the title song of their first Korean album. Their beautiful harmonies filled Tokyo Dome and stayed in the hearts of their fans for a long time.


The three members continued to sing ‘A Boy’s Letter’ to express their feelings for their fans. The lyrics of the song depict the grateful emotions a boy feels towards a girl. Like the little boy, the members expressed their gratitude to their fans, but through a heartfelt performance that was met with warm applause.


They immediately changed the relaxed pace of the concert with ‘Get Out’. With great dancing skills, the three members stuck together as they roamed the stage within Tokyo Dome.

JYJ’s car parade kicked things up a notch as they sang ‘You’re’ and ‘Found You’ on moving cars. They three rubber balls to their fans and Kim Jaejoong even used gun-shaped equipment to shoot the balls closer to the fans who were sitting further back.




Like so, JYJ continued to make memories with the fans they hadn’t seen for three years. The members and fans all waved their arms in sync and finally broke the dam of sorrow that had built up from their three years spent separated. JYJ made a confession through the lyrics, “Found you, my love. The person I’ve been looking for,” and the 50,000 fans in attendance reciprocated by singing, “I love you, I love you.”


JYJ continued to connect with their fans through special performances. Kim Jaejoong stated, “It’s been four years since I’ve seen the bright lights of this concert venue. We’ve prepared a song that will bring back the memories of our time together four years ago.”

The song he was hinting at was ‘Rainy Blue’, a popular Japanese song from the 80s that was originally sung by Hideaki Tokunaga but was reinterpreted by Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun four years ago. JYJ also sang this song four years ago atop a revolving stage at Tokyo Dome.


Seeing them performing the same song they had sung four years ago seemed to connect the fans’ past and present. The applause and cheers that followed the performance lasted a very long time. After the song, Kim Jaejoong said, “All three members agreed that we needed to sing this song again. It’s a song that brings back old memories.”

The end of the three-day event, which attracted a total of 150,000 fans, was coming to an end, and the members expressed their disappointment of having it all end so soon.


“Though so much time had to pass for us to be able to stand on this stage today, we’ve been so happy the past three days.”

Kim Junsu’s eyes teared up but he valiantly held back his tears as he stated, “We will never forget the love you have shown us the past three days and we will perform more often in Japan. For our next concert, we’ll hold a tour all over Japan, not just in Tokyo.”


Park Yoochun said, “I’m happy. We’ll come back soon. The three of us will always be together. I hope we can keep coming back to show you that.” His eyes were also full of eyes as he slowly expressed his thoughts.

Kim Jaejoong’s eyes were already very red. He said, “We believe that things are okay, things have been okay, and we have nothing but happy days ahead of us. Never again do I want us to say ‘Goodbye’ or ‘Farewell’ to you guys. Those words don’t fit what you and we have very well.”


He also added, “We were scared of time, because it would keep flowing so fast against our wishes. The first year wasn’t that bad. Because a year can pass quickly. But when it got to the second year, that’s when we thought, ‘Time is a frightful thing.’ Time kept slipping through our fingers and four years passed. I can’t express what emotion we’re feeling, standing here with you all. Though the three of us are still young, we don’t know what’s ahead of us and though our future’s unclear, we will be strong and keep moving forward because we have you, who believe in us no matter what.”

With his words, a look of determination crossed Kim Jaejoong’s face and he was met with applause from JYJ’s fans.

Kim Jaejoong continued to say, “I feel relieved. We don’t have many opportunities to honestly talk about our feelings. And it was great just seeing you all again. I believe that these moments will continue to increase from now on.” Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun took on more serious expressions as they listened to Kim Jaejoong talk.


For their last song, JYJ performed ‘Fallen Leaves’, which contains the lyrics, ‘When the flowers fall, we start again’.

Disappointed at having to let the members go, the fans waved their yellow fan-lights and at the end of the song, Kim Jaejoong shouted out, “Thank you all so very much.”

After the performance, the members gathered around Kim Jaejoong, held hands, and bowed for a very long time.

With Kim Jaejoong’s final words, “We were so happy today. Thank you all,” the members of JYJ began preparing for their encore performances.


The encore performance was like a festival, celebrating the members’ presence at the venue.

While JYJ sang ‘be My Girl’, 56 dancers stood on stage and had the fans do the Wave. It was a sight to see 50,000 fans do the Wave together. Like the pink fan-lights the fans held in their hands, a pink wave seemed to dance across Tokyo Dome.

With the final performance of ‘Empty’ ringing through the venue, Tokyo Dome was filled with colored confetti.

After singing ‘Empty’, the members walked off stage for a few minutes, only to come running back. Though the Japanese fans had stayed calm and orderly throughout the concert, they began shouting and cheering in earnest, knowing that this would be the last. They were sad to see JYJ go, but vowed to wait till they came back again.


The three members of JYJ ran to the middle of the stage and returned back to their original position, holding hands with their staff members and bowing. After saying their final farewells, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yoochun put their hands around their lips and shouted, “Thank you” to everyone. Park Yoochun seemed especially reluctant to leave, staring at the audience with yearning eyes filled with tears.


This marked the end of their Tokyo Dome comeback in three years. During the concert, the members of JYJ aired messages that expressed their emotions through short videos that were met with applause. In the videos, such a message was sent.

“It seemed like our time apart would never end. It was like being in a maze and unable to see the end. But now, the darkness has passed and we’ve exited the maze. Please watch over JYJ as we make our new beginning. We will repay you for the time you have spent waiting. We love you.”

Three days spent together after a long and arduous journey. The three days were like a dream but passed too quickly.

Source: [xportsnews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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  1. Thank you for sharing photos and writing what happened at the JYJ concert at Tokyo Dome. Very much appreciated! =)

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