[TRANS] 130405 JYJ “We Have Returned To Tokyo Dome” – Concert Review #1


Approximately 50,000 red fan-lights moved in sync as they basked the interior of Tokyo Dome in a red glow.

On the 4th of April at 5:30pm, audience members filled 50,000 seats in Tokyo Dome and chanted “JYJ” in one voice. When the members appeared on staged, the fans screamed and shouted their delight, only to begin waving their fan-lights in sync. 1,300 square meters of Tokyo Dome were lit by a red glow. The first Tokyo Dome concert in three years for JYJ. This was the moment their last concert was to begin.


“We! JYJ! have returned to Tokyo Dome.”

This is what the three members, including Kim Jaejoong, shouted on stage. And they said, “We wanted to see you. We really, really wanted to see you.”

Their voices were filled with power. Park Yoochun kept shouting, “Are you ready to have fun?” Though the other members tried to calm him down and told him, “Save your voice,” Park Yoochun’s expression was filled with nothing but happiness.

The fans replied by holding up supporting placards that read, “Let’s stick together.”

Kim Jaejoong looked at the placards the fans were holding up, which had been different for every day JYJ had held a concert. The first day’s placards said, ‘Welcome back’, while the second day’s said, ‘We wanted to see you.’ And on the last day, fans held up signs that said, ‘Let’s stick together’. It was like the fans were holding a conversation with JYJ.

“What about tomorrow?” was the response Kim Jaejoong gave before he remembered it would be their last day in Tokyo Dome.


The first portion of the concert had the fans pumped up with each members’ individual performances. The first up to the bat was Kim Junsu. He showcased his sophisticated performance skills, vocal talents and rap skills with the song ‘Breath’. He continued to sing ‘Lullaby’ and walked around the large stage set within Tokyo Dome. He closed his eyes and spread his arms out wide, as if he was feeling the support and love of his Japanese fans with his whole body. At the crux of the song, high notes burst forth from Kim Junsu like the breaking of a dam.

Kim Jaejoong followed him soon after and brought out his rocker side as he sang his latest track ‘Only Love’. The audience members made sure they didn’t miss a single expression that crossed his face. Kim Jaejoong would close his eyes and get into the music in one moment, and suddenly open his eyes and sing to the audience the next.


Last but not least was Park Yoochun. Park Yoochun sang ‘Friend’ by Anzenchitai and ‘An Old Song’ by Kim Dong Ryul. His emotion-laden voice calmed the energy of the venue down and fans could be heard shouting ‘Yoochun-chan’ in between the songs’ melodies. When he finished his pieces, he was met with warm applause from the fans.

The three members then took their individual stages to another notch and showcased their individual colors on stage.

Kim Jaejoong had everyone up and running with ‘One Kiss’ and Mika Nakashima’s ‘Glamorous Sky’. Kim Jaejoong rocked it out with a fur coat worn below his shoulders, getting the fans waving their arms and enjoying themselves. One middle-aged fan who was passionately waving her arms had an expression of pure happiness on her face as he performed.


Kim Jaejoong had the audience at the edges of their seats; he knew exactly what would get his fans riled up. At times, he would put on a look of charisma on his face when the instrumental was playing and when his song hit its climax, he stopped singing, said, “It’s too hot,” and promptly took off his coat. He ended his performance with the smirk of one who knew what he was doing.

Straight after him came Kim Junsu, with his sharp vocal talents.

Starting off with his English solo ‘Uncommitted’, Kim Junsu also sang ‘Everyone Under the Sky’. Kim Junsu’s emotional tone and perfect vocal talent created a stage with no faults. He sang the first minute of his song with any instrumental music and was met with thunderous applause that filled Tokyo Dome. Kim Junsu continued to sing with such strong emotions, as though he had locked it all away for too long and was finally letting go. It was like watching Lim Jae Beom on ‘I Am a Singer’ singing ‘Everyone’.


“No matter how hard it gets, I will not cry. Because I’ve traversed over walls so high numerous times. I’m not afraid of anything. Because I’m not alone.” Though the lyrics were written in another language, they touched everyone’s hearts with their sincerity. The song was met with applause that carried on for a long time. Kim Junsu’s eyes teared up as he took in the applause that was given to him.

It was Park Yoochun’s turn to shake things up. Starting off with Masaharu Fukuyama’s ‘Sai Ai’, he also performed his new piece ‘Walking in Spring with Her’. As a warm and sweet ‘Spring carol’, Park Yoochun’s new song enveloped Tokyo Dome in warmth. The sweet yet sincere song was met with cheers and applause when it ended.


The air crackled with energy for the last of JYJ’s solo performances.

Kim Jaejoong started off with his rock-ballad composition ‘All Alone’, and lit the flame with Mine, the title song of his rock album ‘I’. He unleashed his rock spirit with the help of two guitarists, hitting high notes while moving across the stage and head-banging to the riffs of the guitars. Imitating hitting the keys of a piano when the instrumental came on, Kim Jaejoong proceeded to run his hand down his body. Fans went crazy at the sigh of this and even seeing the back of Kim Jaejoong’s head had them screaming.

Kim Junsu was the last to perform a solo piece with the title song of his solo album ‘Tarantallegra’. He appeared on stage by flying in and his fans cheered along in between the beat of the song. The fans rose from their seats, dancing and feeling the rhythm of Kim Junsu.


Continued in part 2…

Source: [xportsnews]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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