[TRANS] 130405 JYJ Performs In Tokyo Dome After 3 Years, “Stage of Dreams”

“To be able to stand on the Tokyo Dome Stage again makes us really happy.”

Performing in Tokyo Dome in the first time in about 3 years, the popular Korean group JYJ held a press conference before their final performance on 4 April.

This Dome performance is their first concert since they had won the lawsuit against Avex for their Japanese management rights in January this year.  Calling Tokyo Dome the “Stage of Dreams,” they said “This is a new beginning. We will work hard in today’s performance so that we will have no regrets.”

The performance on this day was also to be streamed live in 113 cinemas, with about 70,000 fans getting together for this event.

The following is the Q&A session.

— What are your thoughts on performing in Tokyo Dome after 3 years

Our activities in Japan took up about half our time (in the period of promotional activity since debut), so Japan is like a second home to us. Therefore having not been able to appear in media broadcasts or perform in Japan is regrettable. But looking back, it was an opportunity for us to grow.  When we stood on stage for the first day (of these concerts), we promised ourselves that “This is the beginning. We have to work hard again. I’m really happy because these concerts are not the end, but a true beginning.” (Junsu)

— What has changed in the last 3 years?

“In the past 3 years, we haven’t been able to release any Japanese albums, so there are no Japanese songs (of our own) to perform. So far, we have always been singing Japanese songs whenever we perform in Japan. Aside from that, nothing seems to have changed, and I find that fascinating as well. 3 years is a long time but it feels short. The passion of the fans shown in the past 2 days has not changed.” (Jaejoong)

— What are your plans for this year.

“We’re thinking of releasing an album, but we haven’t decided on how we would be releasing it.” (Junsu)
“Although the legal issues (for Japanese activities) have been resolved it doesn’t mean that there won’t be problems. We’ve been thinking a lot about it as well.  Things often don’t go as planned, but we will try our best even when given the smallest chances.” (Yoochun)

— This is your 10th year since debut

“I can’t believe that it’s already been 10 years. There has been a lot of laughter, and a lot of difficulty as well. I feel like I’ve learnt more about the value of life, than anyone else. I want to say that it has been a really happy time.” (Junsu)

— When was the hardest time?

“When we are unable to attend media broadcasts. It’s the same now, as it was 3 years ago.  But somehow, we’ve now think about the positive aspects more so than the negative ones, and changed our direction towards being thankful (for what we have). Recently, I haven’t been feeling unhappy.” (Junsu)

— What are your dreams from now on?

“I do not wish for more than I have now. There is a lot of things I want to do but there are a lot of constraints and things cannot be done, and that is regrettable.  My aim is just to do the jobs that I have been given, and work with those who are important to me. My dream is to continue working as part of JYJ for as long as possible.”  (Yoochun)

Source : [Wow!Korea]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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