[TRANS] 130404 At The Ending Party Of ‘QoA’, Jung Yunho Says, “I Was Very Nervous As A Singer-Turned-Actor”


Jung Yunho expressed his thoughts about ‘Queen of Ambition’ coming to an end.

On the 3rd of April, TVXQ’s Jung Yunho attended the ending party of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Queen of Ambition’ and stated, “I was very nervous about being a singer-turned-actor.”

Jung Yunho stated, “I was so nervous about working alongside such great seniors. I really enjoyed it,” and “No matter where I go, ‘Queen of Ambition’ will always have a place in my heart. Everyone here is a star.”

Jung Yunho’s fans prepared a three-tiered cake and champagne for the party’s celebrations.

A representative of ‘Queen of Ambition’ stated, “Jung Yunho’s fans have been giving us their utmost support from the beginning till the very end. That gave the staff the strength to keep going,” and “Jung Yunho always looked like he was having a great time and he really has improved as an actor through ‘Queen of Ambition’.”


Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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