[TRANS] 130330 Photos Of Kim Junsu’s Jeju Hotel Under Construction Are Revealed, ‘It’s Going To Be A Mecca Of Hallyu’

Kim Junsu is currently creating a new Hallyu Mecca on Jeju Island.

JYJ’s Kim Junsu is currently building a hotel on Jeju Island that will be completed this year.

The location of Kim Junsu’s hotel is Jeju’s Seogwipo Gang-jung town. Kim Junsu obtained a tourism construction permit in 2011 and is currently building his ‘Jeju Toscana Family Hotel’. It has been said that the hotel business will be run by Kim Junsu’s father.


The construction site of Kim Junsu’s hotel shows the building close to completion. A semi-opening ceremony was already held on the 23rd of March and the hotel is close to opening for regular business soon.

The hotel has a total of five floors, including a basement floor, and received a second permit after it was decided that the hotel would be expanded by 100㎡ and 11 more rooms. The total construction site has gone from 7133.05㎡ to 8153.87㎡. It has been found that Kim Junsu has invested approximately 15 billion Won in the construction of the hotel.

The hotel is situated in a location with a great view of the ocean and has an eco-friendly feel as tangerine orchards surround the area.

Though the business will be run by Kim Junsu’s father, the hotel has been garnering much attention, even before its opening, with Kim Junsu’s name brought up in most conversations surrounding the hotel.

The people who live around the hotel, as well as those who run businesses in the area, are mostly positive about the construction of the hotel. One representative stated, “As the hotel is connected with the Hallyu idol Kim Junsu, we believe that if events related to JYJ are held here in the future, the number of tourists who visit will naturally increase. This will create positive ripple effect for those who live in the area, and will also promote our district.” Seogwipo is anticipating the area to become the Hallyu Mecca of Jeju Island because of the hotel.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu was recently chosen as star with the most real estate as he has as 2.6 billion Won penthouse, a 1.8 billion town house and the 15 billion Won hotel, totaling his real estate value to 20 billion Won.

Source: [newsen]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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