[TRANS] 130318 Park Yoochun Has A Gaze That Captures The Hearts Of Women


Park Yoochun, a member of JYJ and an actor, recently released a photo spread.

Park Yoochun was recently chosen to be the cover model of the lifestyle magazine Singles’ April edition and participated in a photoshoot and interview. The photoshoot was set with a modern and fashionable noir concept.

In the photo spread, Park Yoochun embodied his persona as Han Jung Woo from ‘I Miss You’ and is drawing attention for his dandy charm and masculine gaze that rivals that of most high-fashion models. Park Yoochun reinterpreted the noir concept with his own style as he portrayed sorrowed and provocative expressions in dark spaces.

In the interview that followed the photoshoot, Park Yoochun stated, “My goal is for my acting to be as natural as possible. To be honest, I’m still the kind of person who only looks good if I have my make-up done, and I’m still lacking in so many things because I made a sudden transition from a singer to an actor.”

He continued to add, “But I believe that when I get older, I won’t care about what I look like and I’ll be able to take on rougher roles. I’d like to take on a really strong role, and I’d like to take on an action movie as well.”

A representative of the photoshoot highly praised the star as he stated, “He exudes an amazing level of concentration once cameras start rolling,” and “His great reflexes and intense gaze allow him to express a variety of emotions with ease and because of this, we were able to complete a dramatic photo spread.”

Source: [donga]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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