[TRANS] 130318 JYJ Naver LINE Updates

(10:24pm KST) I’m back in Korea~~~~~! I’m here~~~~~~~!! A while ago, I said that I was going to upload photos I’d secretly taken of the other members on our LINE account~~ And I’m thinking about uploading photos that were secretly taken of a member and me~
(10:24pm KST) Shall I upload them?
(10:25pm KST) It’s not that you’re disinterested in this, is it!!!!!!!
(10:26pm KST) I said that I’m on my way to you!!! With both hands held high in the air!!! Answer me!! ^^~~~~~~~~~~~
[T/N: This refers to the automated message you get in the Korean LINE account that says ‘I’m on my way to you…..^^ Have a nice day haha’]

(10:29pm KST) It’s a pretty old photo though.
(10:30pm KST) I think it was when Junsu was in the recording booth?


(10:32pm KST) I’m sure these weren’t the only reactions we had when listening to the world’s greatest singer Junsu recording his music!! Huh, did you all go to sleep after the first photo?


(10:35pm KST) Goodnight~~ Lastly, here’s the screen capture.. that made me laugh so hard in Shanghai that I cried because my stomach hurt so much kekeke


(10:36pm KST) Infinite Challenge is the best!!!!

(10:43pm KST) [Officia] For all the fans who are wondering, ‘Oh, but what about Junsu in the recording booth!!’, though this wasn’t filmed at that moment (when the photos were taken), we’re going to release a sneak peek video of him working on his album ^^

(10:53pm KST) Goodnight~ Bye ^^


Source: [JYJ’s LINE account]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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