[TRANS] 130308 [Star Column] The Behind-The-Scenes Story Of JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s Asia Tour

JYJ will be standing on the stage of Tokyo Dome for the first time in four years since their ‘Thanksgiving Live in Dome’ concert in June, 2010. They’re already excited and nervous as they think about greeting their fans for the first time in a while. JYJ will do their best for the fans who have waited four years for their return, and they will create the best performance possible. Kim Jaejoong is planning to hold his Asia Tour as well, starting with his ‘Your, My and Mine in Thailand’ concert at the BITEC Hall in Bangkok on the 17th of February and moving on to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Nanjing. We will reveal the various sides of Kim Jaejoong through the Naver Star Column!

/ written by the editor

I like people. Every person, no matter who they are, has their own unique story behind them. If we open up our hearts and converse, we quickly become friends, even if it’s the first time we’re meeting. So I like meeting new people and forging new relationships. Never have I kept my distance from someone based on first appearances or written someone off for their outward appearance. “No matter where we go overseas, you’re always so popular. We’re so jealous.” My members say this to me sometimes. Because I was always given an intense image to carry(?), ever since my debut, I’ve always been loved more overseas than in Korea. In Korea, there were a lot of people who had formed strong prejudices against me. To be honest, I would always tell myself that this wasn’t the case, but when I was overseas, people would greet me without any of those prejudices. The friends I met overseas, where the language and culture we identified ourselves with were different, accepted me for who I was, for who Kim Jaejoong is. Because of this, it was easier for me to show my true self to them and open myself up to them. Though we don’t speak the same language, I was able to build happy friendships with them as we communicated through our hearts. I was joyfully able to open up to people who loved my music, and in turn, I learned to respect and love their cultures.

114456127_1‘A snapshot of me in the plane on the way to my tour concert~!’

“Don’t you become numbed from your fans’ love because there are so many of them?” This is something I hear a lot during interviews. To this, I always replay, “Never.” Fans may wonder if their feelings, their letters, their gifts, their sincerity are delivered to the stars, and it’s true that it’s hard for all of it to get to us. But it still reaches us nonetheless. A person’s sincerity will always be felt by the recipient of that sincerity, and we always try to listen to the stories of our fans. When I’m tired and worn out, and want to let everything go, that invisible but omnipresent strength keeps me up and going. That is the power and strength of our fans. Though I move from airports or concert venues quickly when I tour because of safety risks, my heart is always enveloped in warmth when I see the people who have gathered to say hello and support me.

114456247_2‘At the rehearsal and backstage of my Asia Tour’

Releasing a solo album under the name Kim Jaejoong. And being able to sing rock music, something I’d always enjoyed, ever since I was a child. Though everything feels so unfamiliar to me, I’m also enjoying the elation and excitement I’m feeling right now. An album that wasn’t decided upon by someone else, an album that is filled with honest confessions from me and me alone. How amazing is that? That’s why I decided to call the album ‘I’.

114456380_3‘During the photoshoot of my album’s promotional jacket’

While preparing for my concert, I heard about going on an Asia Tour, and it gave me a great amount of strength and motivation. It filled me up with energy. I also gained a lot of strength from holding my Asia fanmeet last year as an actor. I wanted to create a unique performance this time around. Ideas flowed out of me and I was filled with anticipation. I wanted to talk with the fans, play games with them, and I wanted to create a sense of connection with each other, whether it was 5,000 or 100,000 people rubbing shoulders with each other in one space. And through it was a mini-concert that was set up like a showcase, I wanted to sing songs that I loved, as well as tracks from my album. That’s why I decided to call the concert, ‘Your, My and Mine’.

114456520_4‘Discussing matters with the staff during a rehearsal for the Asia tour’

My first concert was on my birthday and I was so excited for it. Ah, I have so much happiness in my life. With all the fans watching me perform, laughing, clapping and having fun, it was the best birthday of my laugh. I laughed so much (that was the most I’ve ever laughed in one day) that I wondered what was wrong with me. I couldn’t see the audience that well when I was on stage because of the lights, but they turned all the lights on for the fans during the quiz segment, and I could see all their faces at once. Their happy faces, happy gazes and open hearts reached me and I was filled with so much happiness that I felt like I was going to cry. When I sang ‘I’ll Protect You’ during the mini concert, I held out my microphone towards the audience and the fans sang for me. They sang, “I want to protect you~ Even the bad habits~ that you have~ Even they make me smile when I’m worn out~ Though it may be hard~ I’m going to tell you that I love you~” and after an interlude, I would sing back to them. The moment when I sang, ‘I love you~ I’m the one who’s standing by your side~ I’m the one who’s holding onto your hand~”…. I was so happy. I was so grateful and the fans filled me with so much love.

‘The first Asia tour concert in Korea on my birthday… I was so grateful to be spending it with my fans’

And then my tour began. The first stop was Thailand. With JYJ’s Japanese activities being blocked for approximately three years, it’s usually the first place we go to when we’re active as JYJ or as solo singers. It’s a country that symbolizes the start of something new for us. There are a lot of JYJ fans in Thailand, and they always greet us with so much support that it’s the perfect place to start a tour. And because I like elephants so much, fans in Thailand, who deeply value elephants, give me lots of elephant-themed gifts whenever I go to Thailand.

114456860_6‘During my Thailand concert, I prepared some food for my fans. I hope she enjoyed it. ^^’

I feel so much gratitude for our Japanese fans. I haven’t been able to officially greet them since appearing in the FujiTV drama ‘Sunao Ni Narenakute’ in 2010. But during the dramas Protect the Boss and Dr. Jin, and when my movie ‘Jackal is Coming’ was released, our Japanese fans flew to Korea to show their support. I was so grateful during JYJ’s Membership Week, when we broke the record for the most foreigners coming to Korea for a one-time event. Japan feels like my hometown, because we were as active there as we were in Korea. And because I have a lot of Japanese friends in Japan, it is also the biggest source of information for me.

114457034_7‘During my Dr. Jin fanmeet’

China is also a country I visit often. During our JYJ performances and drama fanmeets, I’ve been to a lot of cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Hong Kong. Though China is one country, each region as its own subtle differences in language and color. But the passionate support we receive never wavers, no matter which city we go to. I’ve become interested in learning Chinese, as well as Japanese, but it isn’t going to be easy. But I want to learn the language so that I can converse with our fans and get closer to them.

114457206_8‘During my performance at one of my Asia tour concerts’

One of the difficulties of having an Asia tour is that I can’t get out much because there are so many who want to see me and express their love for me. I always stay in my hotel. Though I can swim, sleep, download movies I’ve wanted to watch and read comic books in hotels, that soon becomes boring and I end up taking photos of myself, which I don’t normally do, and play by myself.

114457335_9‘Taking photos of myself while I was in Thailand ^^’

If I could say something to all the fans who I’ll meet during my Asia tour, it would be, “I want to see you, I’m always grateful and I promise to prepare the best performance I possibly can.”

114457477_10‘A photo with my Korean fans on my birthday! Thank you everyone~’

114457606_11‘-Kim Jaejoong. Did you enjoy this Star Column? Who wants to chat with me on the 11th!!?’

Source: [Naver Star Column]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net

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