[TRANS] 121228 Rookie Group ‘Pure’ To Hold A Relay Of 100 Concerts To Wish For TVXQ’s Reunion


The five member rookie group ‘Pure’ will be holding a charity concert in the hopes that the former members of TVXQ, who have now split into TVXQ and JYJ, will soon stand on one stage again.

Pure Entertainment (CEO Park Sang Hyun) revealed that the group will be holding 100 concerts at the pure k-pop live concert hall near Myeongdong in Seoul from the 12th of this month, with the hopes that the five members of TVXQ will reunite soon, before making their broadcasted debut.

The rookie group consists of white Soo Hyuk, pink Chan Hwee, black Ji Min, blue Jung Bin and yellow Young Hoo. Created by Pure Entertainment’s CEO Park Sang Hyun, who is a long-time fan of TVXQ, the group is meant to be an homage for domestic fans who miss TVXQ.

It was found that the five members of Pure were picked after beating stiff competition in an audition that centered around TVXQ’s good looks, singing, and dancing, as well the contestants’ affection for TVXQ. Pure showed off their talents in Japan first, and have already held two sold-out showcase events in Tokyo.

The concerts will be held three times a week and fans of TVXQ, children of families with no parents, and the disabled will be given free admittance. A portion of the profits will be donated to the ‘Fruits of Love’ foundation to help those in need.

Also, Pure created the project group ‘Pure Family’ with the soon-to-debut trio ‘The Soul’ and Han Sung Wook, who entered the finals of MBC’s ‘Birth of a Great Star’, and will release the charity album ‘Standing Together’ for those in need.

The music video of their title song has already garnered much attention as it reenacted the true story of a man who found the body of his wife-to-be by the initials on her engagement ring in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan last year. It was later said that people in the Miyagi and Sendai region who had experienced the earthquake took part in the music video and shared the pain and despair they felt at that moment.

‘Standing Together’ will be released on the Korean, English and Japanese version of iTunes at the same time, and the profits will be donated to the ‘Fruits of Love’ foundation.

Pure’s Leader White Soo Hyuk stated, “We’re happy to be greeting fans with such meaningful events as our relay concert and charity album,” and “We will do our best to not tarnish the achievements that our TVXQ seniors have made overseas at our Sendai, Japan and New Jersey, USA charity concerts. We sincerely hope for the day when we can see the five members of TVXQ on stage together to come soon.”

Source: [fntoday]

Translated & Shared by: dongbangdata.net


20 thoughts on “[TRANS] 121228 Rookie Group ‘Pure’ To Hold A Relay Of 100 Concerts To Wish For TVXQ’s Reunion

  1. “..We sincerely hope for the
    day when we can see the five members of TVXQ
    on stage together to come soon.”

    Me: Ameen

  2. This gave me so much hope and faith. I am thankful for this group. Please, I hope they can make a difference. I will pray that they do. I just miss my boys so much… <3 AKTF!

  3. Ugh, how attention seeking. I hope they are not just trying to ride on TVXQ’s popularity, as well as playing with Cassies.

  4. i hope the day of their reunion will come soon caaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn t live without DB5K any more i beleive that those 5 are born to be DONG BANG SHIN KI togather on stage <3

  5. users! using the feelings of fans of TVXQ for their own gain! respect TVXQ’s decision and respect their fans! jeez!

  6. I’d like to remember many benefits will be given to charity for those in needs. Are stans going to block it then ? Whereas they’ll give for charity, children, disabled people ? What kind of monsters would be against charity ? and do you think JYJ and HoMin would appreciate the fact you’re against charity ? The CEO has been so fucking smart to do that too. Haha ~ congrats guys, please make awesome concerts and help those in needs ! You’ll make TV5XQ proud !

  7. Wow! I’m sure you will all be doing great. I love your song. We all hope they will stand together on the same stage again. Let’s keep the faith together, always. Thank you so much for doing this. :DD

  8. Mixed feelings here.

    I somehow am unsure whethert the intentions of this group’s management is 100% “pure’. Why so many concerts? It all sounds good on the surface, but it seems to me as if they are capitalizing on the desires and love of TVXQ fans for the original members. No one will be able to change our hearts toward Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin. They were and still are totally unique.

    Hats off to “Pure” and their management if their true intention is to help TVXQ fans and the cause of reuniting the five, but I think that they would benefit more.

    I will also say thank you to “Pure” for their charitable intentions. Charity is always needed.

  9. I don’t care even if they just using TVXQ fans, because they are doing charity. I’m Cassiopeia and just the thing that someone care about other people AND we can be united to help others is such a big deal to me. Always keep the faith <3!

  10. i don’t know what to say about this honestly. on the bright side, i’m glad that at least there’s people from korea who’s willing to stand up for ot5 cassies, and the dark side is, i don’t know whether they are honest to do this concert for tvxq, or they just wanted to ride on tvxq’s famous. to be honest, if i have money, i would as well open my own entertainment, and do something since like since i can’t afford to buy homin out of sm, and ask jyj to join the new company so, i have nothing to say. i just wish that these guys won’t get bashed too much. and yes, if they have talent, i will surely support them. i can’t watch their videos on youtube right now. i bet there will be lots of people who’s bashing them or something and i can’t face the ot2 and ot3 comment yet. its hurtful..

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