[SPECIAL PROJECT] Winners Announced For Mission: KakaoTalk!

Congratulations to the nine lucky few who were chosen for a special prize!

The selection was done by listing all participants alphabetically and giving them a number from 1 to 504. A random number generator was used to picked nine random numbers, and the winners are the people whose name correlated with the chosen numbers.

So here are the lucky nine in alphabetical order! (drum roll pleaseeeee)

legra (DBD site)
smile-ssi (DBD site)
꼬꼬마팬 (Yuaerubi)
동방텔레콤 (Yuaerubi)
아미슈 (Yuaerubi)

Congratulations! legra and smile-ssi, please send me your e-mail (along with your name) to jeesoolim.11@gmail.com for further instructions :)

Thank you everyone for participating! I’ll keep you guys updated :D

Twitter: 247 messages
DBD: 83 messages
Yuaerubi: 175 messages

TOTAL: 505 messages
Countries: 36 countries

For full list of accepted messages, please click here

8 thoughts on “[SPECIAL PROJECT] Winners Announced For Mission: KakaoTalk!

  1. Congratulations to those nine lucky persons. Miss melodiamuse, do you think you can do another project similar? I mean with the idea that they could receive our letter personally, and can read our feelings…I’m so sorry, but I feel so sad right now T^T…I wanted to be one of those persons…Why am i so unlucky? I’ve participated in two projects, and I’ve lost in both…I also participated in that event where SM asked to all fans to talk about how TVXQ had affected their lives; and I was so depressed and sad, because my letter was not chosen…I put all my deepest feelings and my entire soul down on the paper, with the hope that Changmin and Yunho could read them. But it was impossible. I shudder to think that maybe my letter was discarded to a dustbin or abandoned to their fate…As a foreign fan, more a Chilean fan, TVXQ is an unapproachable dream. It’s so difficult to us to have the opportunity to see them in person, to have an autograph directly from their hands, for that reason I was dreaming with the idea that TVXQ could read my feelings for them, but …well…my letter, and words were not worthy enough.

    I really wanted they read my letter, or my 5 words as representative of my country, but it seems my destiny doesn’t want that I have any contact with them…

    Thank you for giving me and others at least this opportunity to express our love for them, it meant a lot to me♥

    From Chile.

    • Hey there, I thought I should leave a reply to your comment because I feel like it really deserves one.

      It sucks that you’ve been striking out in these projects :( Sometimes, luck isn’t on our side but I’m sure you’ll get your chance in the future! Never lose hope bb <3 My first "big break" came last year when I met Junsu, and even that was after I'd been a fan for seven years!

      And though I would love to do a project where you guys send in letters for TVXQ to read, there would be a slight problem. Because both Yunho and Changmin can't speak English at the fluency that would be required to properly understand your letters, I would have to translate them all into Korean. My English to Korean translations aren't as fast as the other way around, and I already have my hands full with 300+ messages and six letters to translate to Korean, I can't imagine what it would be like to translate 100+ letters or more O__O

      I've already begun thinking about what I could do for TVXQ's 10th anniversary, because that's a super important one, so maybe I could try incorporate that idea into whatever I end up doing? I can't guarantee anything though, who knows what I'll be doing a year from now.

      And unfortunately, SM has a very… narrow view on what the "world" is, and hopefully this project will help them open their eyes to just how many fans they have around the world (especially in South America! Whenever I do a project, I always find I get a lot of support from the fanbases in South America, especially Peru, Chile and Venezuela, so I'm always grateful to you guys :D)

      Here's to hoping Lady Luck finds her way to you soon!

  2. Miss melodiamuse:

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words, it means a lot to me. I know you’re a very busy person, I hope I’m not taking your time with trivialities…but when I received that mail with the list of winners, I had not slept, because I was organizing a mass vote in YouTube with the aim to increase and keep the difference in favor to our dear TVXQ as Best Global Group in MAMA. So, my body, mind and mainly my spirit were so tired, for that reason that mail was like a stab in my hopeful heart, so I cried…yup, for a long while. I was dreaming with the possibility of writing them, although they were a few words, because I was sure they could read them. Somehow, it was a way to feel closer to them, after all sometimes I feel TVXQ and me are of different worlds. All those people in Asia are so lucky, they can go to their concert, or fan meetings, they can buy their albums anytime, in my case I need to wait months to receive their albums. Also, I would like to ask you something, do you know what happens to the SMTown website ? I’ve been trying to register in the official Korean website of TVXQ, with the aim of writing them in the Fan board some best wishes and congratulations, but I can’t. I need to be registered in the website of SMTown first, but this page doesn’t load well. When I need to specific my gender, the options of male/female don’t appear. So the idea of writing them through the Fan Board is impossible, however I doubt they can read all those messages.

    Sorry, I have that horrible problem of talking too much, so I tend to write long notes or comments, maybe that was the reason why I wasn’t chosen in the event of SM^_^…Thank you again, your words make me feel better. Still there is a big hole in my chest, but it’s tolerable now.

    Receive my best wishes in everything you do, all your projects and activities. You’re a kind person to dedicate part of your time answering a trivial letter. And, please, because you are closer to our beloved Changmin and Yunho, take care of them for me. They make my boring life brighter; they make my days are full of energy; they make me believe in people again. I also feel happy when both of them are happy; they make my life worth living, because that means I can hear their singing every second of my life. TVXQ means everything to me, so close to me through my headphones, but so unapproachable in person.

    Bye, Miss melodiamuse. It was a pleasure to talk to you♥

    From Chile, congratulations for so excellent site and thank you for all your effort^^


  3. Jee, right? I remember you from waaay back in LJ and sobs you’ve ~come a long way! I’m happy and at the same time proud (hehe proud bc I used to follow you comm and always appreciated your translations). As mentioned above, I really do hope you get to help us international fans find a way to express how much we love the boys, if it’s alright with you.

    Again, I’m happy for you, and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything you’ve done for the fandom. Sad I didn’t get chosen but still, thank you for everything. <3

    • omg HI, I remember you too! Way back from my days in Tohosomnia :D
      I’m hoping to do something bigger next year with a bigger time frame, here’s to hoping my schedule isn’t TOO crazy (though it is pretty hectic these days, but isn’t it always?)
      I find it a privilege to have the skills to bridge the gap between the boys and the international fandom, so I love helping out :)
      See you around bb <3

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