[SPECIAL PROJECT] Mission: KakaoTalk, Messages For TVXQ

Hi everyone! This is Dongbangdata’s Korean translator melodiamuse (or Jee) :)

The special backstory to this special project is at the bottom, so scroll down if you’d like to find out more!

Special announcement at the bottom of the page, check it out!


Yunho: Though many things have changed, I believe we have formed a bond that cannot be broken, no matter what others say.
Changmin: I know I don’t say things like this much, but I know that we wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for you guys watching out for us for so long.

-Catch Me Concert, November 17th-


[SPECIAL PROJECT] Mission: 카카오톡 (KakaoTalk)!
(카시오페아의 카오틱한 오자 토크 = Cassiopeia’s Chaotic Five Syllable Talk)

DUE: November 23rd, 2012 (Friday) 11:59pm KST

If you had one chance to meet Yunho and Changmin, but had only five syllables to express yourself, what would they be?

The ‘Five Syllable Talk’ is a very memorable part of TVXQ history, when their Rising Sun showcase left us with the unforgettable phrases, “영원할꺼죠, 영원합니다, 영원히하나, 당연하지요, 사랑합니다” (Together forever? Together forever. Forever as one. Of course. We love you.) and I’d like to see what you all have to say to TVXQ if you were given the same challenge.


FORMAT: Please tweet to @dongbangdata or post a comment in this post (if you don’t have a Twitter account) in the following format:

Twitter: @dongbangdata [Country] Insert Five Syllable Message #WeAreT
Comment here: [Country] Insert Five Syllable Message #WeAreT

i.e. @dongbangdata [South Korea] Thanks for everything #WeAreT


IMPORTANT: Syllables and words are different. Count your syllables HERE

The country listing is so that we can show them just how far-reaching their fandom is (and hopefully expand their world tour venues, yes yes?) and the #WeAreT is something special that the boys came up with during their concert.

LANGUAGE: Write in any language you want to! As long as you provide the romanization and the English meaning to your words along with them. (Unless it’s Korean, then romanizations and English meanings are unnecessary)

i.e. @dongbangdata [Japan] あいしてる (Aishiteru, I love you) #WeAreT
*Just to clarify, Aishiteru comes out as five syllables when romanized to Korean 아이시떼루, which was why I used it, sorry if that confused anyone ^^;;;

1. No vulgar, offensive, sexual, violent, racist well.. you get the gist. No negativity allowed.
2. Please keep it pertaining to Yunho and Changmin. I know some of you really want them to get back with JYJ, but this is a project that only Yunho and Changmin will get to see.
3. If your message isn’t exactly five syllables, and if it doesn’t follow the given format, it will not be included in the project.


Your messages will be screen-capped and added to the project, along with a Korean translation.

Thank you, and spread the word! I’m hoping to get as many messages from you guys as possible. I’m about 99.9% sure this WILL be delivered to Yunho and Changmin, so please let them know that we will always be there for them!

Love, Jee :)

As many of you know, I was chosen for the event that SM held that asked fans to talk about how TVXQ have affected their lives. Because of this, I’ve been very lucky to be asked to participate in the documentary that SM is creating that details TVXQ’s Catch Me recording process, fanmeets, concerts and little stories from the fans themselves.

I met with the documentary crew on Saturday when I attended the Catch Me concert, and we did a bit of filming there, and they would like to see me again sometime later for a proper sit-down interview. It won’t be this week since they’re overseas, so I’m guessing I have about a week or two before I see them again.

So, I’d like to do something special with you guys that I can deliver to Yunho and Changmin through the staff because I’m not the only one whose life has been changed by TVXQ, and I think it’s only fair to give you guys the opportunity to have your voices heard.

But, if I gave you the reins of everything, I might get a book from you all… each. So, are you all up for a challenge?



Hey everyone :D

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has participated in this project till now. You guys are so awesome! For those of you who haven’t yet, you have until tomorrow 11:59pm KST to participate, so get cracking!

Due to the staggering number of participants and the overwhelming support, I’ve decided to add a special extra something for everyone because I’m so thankful to all of you!

To celebrate TVXQ’s 9th anniversary, I’ll be choosing NINE PEOPLE at random out of everyone who participated for a special prize.

These people will be given the chance to write a letter to TVXQ that will be published with all the five-syllable messages in the project. Specifics of the letters will be explained to the lucky nine when they are picked!

So here’s another chance for you to reach out to TVXQ. Participate and spread the word!

Thanks guys <3

136 thoughts on “[SPECIAL PROJECT] Mission: KakaoTalk, Messages For TVXQ

    • hey bb, you’re at 7 syllables (The, suns, ne, ver, stop, shi, ning) :(
      Please resend your altered message to match five syllables so that it can be included in the project! :D

    • OMG!!!!!!! what a nice project!!! I just read the last part!!! I’d like to be chosen to write a beautiful message for TVXQ! *O* good luck dear!! your project rocks!!!!! (PERU)

    • hey bb, with the message “VCASS LOVE YOU SO MUCH” you’re at six syllables :( (VCASS is two), could I suggest “VCassies love you”? or something like that?

    • hey bb, I need you to pick just one message since we’re taking one per person. I really like the inspiration one and if you changed it to “My Inspiration” it could work! Please fix and resubmit your comment please, thank you~

  1. [Vietnam] Thank you for coming to Vietnam! I really like TVXQ 2 members! Trying ! Yunho! Changmin ! In Vietnam, in this small country , i and Vietnam Cassiopeia will always support you ! Forever ! #WeAreT

    • [Vietnam] Thank you for coming to Vietnam! I really like TVXQ 2 members! Trying ! Yunho! Changmin ! In Vietnam, in this small country , i and Vietnam Cassiopeia will always support you ! Forever !#WeAreT

      • Hey bb, you need to limit your message to just five syllables or I can’t accept it :( Sorry, please fix your message and resubmit it, thank you!

    • hey there :D I sent you a tweet about this too but your comment has too many syllables :( Please fix it and submit it with the correct format! Thank you~

  2. [Singapore] Proud of you, Thank you #WeAreT

    (ps. i tweeted twice but didn’t receive a reply so though i’d leave a comment here – my user is @jlbelieving ^^)

    • hey bb! Your comment five words, not five syllables and it goes over the five syllable count :( Please fix your message and resubmit your comment to be included in the project. Thank you~

    • hey bb, please pick just one five syllable message to send to TVXQ and resubmit your comment please. Thank you~

    • hey bb, if you change it to “You are my sunshine”, it’ll be 5 syllables perfectly because now you’re at 4!
      Please edit and resubmit your comment. Thank you~ <3

    • heya, you’re at 4 syllables right now :( Could I recommend “Thank you for your smile”? That would make it 5!
      Please fix and resubmit your comment~

    • hey there, your message is waaay over 5 syllables :( (12) Please shorten it and resubmit your message, thank you~

    • Sorry bb, you’re at six syllables :( If you want to keep the message, I’d suggest changing ‘wanna’ to ‘want’
      Please resubmit your fixed comment! Thank you~

    • Sorry bb, you’re at six syllables right now :( Could I suggest “Nothing can change us” or “None can change my love”? Please fix and resubmit! :)

    • Hey bb, you’re at 4 syllables right now :( Could you please change your message to fit 5 syllables? (Like “I’m always with you”) in the next five hours? Thank you! Please resubmit your comment

  3. The project is now closed! No more messages will be taken from now on. Thank you everyone who participated!
    People who have been asked to change their messages, please do so to be included in the project :)

    • hey bb TVXQ is four syllables so you’re at 7. If you can change it by 11:59pm KST, I’ll take your message :) Please change and resubmit!

    • Hey bb, you’re at 8 syllables right now (‘personality’ is four syllables) I’ll take your message if you can change it by tonight at 11:59pm KST. Please change and resubmit! Thank you~

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