[TRANS] 121116 Star Column- TVXQ Part 1 “For The Cheers On That Day”

An existence which can make the hearts of thousands of female fans flutter with just a name. An idol group that will soon be commemorating their 10th anniversary. They are TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho and Choikang Changmin.

However, up till now, TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho and Choikang Changmin have been viewed in the eyes of the public as artistes, and nothing else is known about them. Through Star Column this time, we met with ordinary people Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin, to understand their thoughts when on stage, or on site. Trying to find meaning not as readers or journalists, but rather looking at the world through their feelings and thoughts.

Part 1 will introduce the preparation process for the opening of their world tour, “TVXQ! Live Tour – Catch Me in Seoul”, which will be held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena in Seoul on 17 and 18 November. We hope to catch a glimpse into their world through camera lenses, as they move towards a new world.

Hello, I am TVXQ’s Uknow Yunho. It seems a little awkward to be greeting through words like this! From now on, we will be presenting our stories and photos, so please enjoy.^^

Now, the long-awaited first photo is! A photo of me preparing for a performance related to the world tour. Now that the world tour is drawing near, (I’m) preparing for the new songs that will be showcased, don’t I look good? But I don’t have any makeup on! So don’t look too closely please. Haha.

In order to monitor it in detail, I’ve come to the recording studio to personally take a look. Since ballads are more often seen on the concert stage than on performance stages, it requires even more monitoring during practices. Especially since there’s some pressure having to prepare more things given that it’s our first time having a concert in 4 years. It’s really busy as we have to do promotional activities for “Catch Me” as well as concert preparations at the same time, but I’m still working hard to monitor after recording.

Since there are some parts I’m not satisfied with, it seems I’ll have to record again. In order to present a better stage, practicing again! Since we’re meeting everyone with a concert again after 4 years, it seems inevitable that it still feels inadequate even if we practice hundreds of times. We’re working hard to prepare, so please anticipate the concert!

Oh right, since only my back is shown here does that make everyone feel disappointed? Yes? No?

Ah! It’s my turn now. Hello. I am TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin! How has everyone been? The weather appears rather cold. Be careful not to catch a cold~ Humhum.. My introduction is a bit long.^^As expected, my first photo is similar to that of Yunho hyung’s, it’s a photo of me singing. Do you see it? A photo of me singing with all my emotions! If I had known that manager hyung was taking the photo, I would have paid more attention to my expression, but fortunately my face is covered by the mike. Hoohoo.

More attention has to be put on the live of the ballads that will be showcased for the first time on the concert stage. As expected I feel like I need to practice once more. Since I want the audience to be touched and captivated for the first time not through albums or digital music, but live at the concert venue.

Finally, both members of TVXQ have appeared together. Ta da~ This is the dance practice room. There is really a lot of choreography that we need to remember for the concert. ㅠㅠ Even for the choreography that has been showcased before this, there are additional dance steps, and because the songs were rearranged, plus the formation in the choreography was totally changed, so there is a mountain of practice waiting to be done! Although it is tiring since we have been having intensive trainings till 4am almost everyday, but since it is a concert we have anticipated more than anyone, let’s press on.

Both us and our choreography director, Beat Burger’s Hwang Sang Hun hyung,(the black pants in the photo…sorry hyung!) are gradually tiring out~ On one of the days, we went straight to the set to record the videos after practicing through the night. TVXQ practices for 24 hours. By the way, here’s revealing a photo of our bare faces during practice.^^ You couldn’t tell that we didn’t have makeup on? As expected we are the terminators of porcelain skin? Hehe…

A photo taken by manager hyung during practice! I personally like this photo a lot because I think it looks very natural. We often make charismatic facial expressions on stage, what does everyone think about me making cute(?) facial expressions like this for once? I am also a gentle man! The grey sweatpants are a service!^^ Although I was tired, but my energy level went up again while taking photos!

Coordinating choreography again after a short break. Do we look good in training suits? When we practice we try to dress as comfortably as possible as it helps us concentrate as well. Coordinating each facial expression to improve our form~

Oh right, the thing that Changmin is holding is actually a mobile phone! Like this, it’s an amazing situation where whatever we hold becomes a microphone! The one I’m holding is also a fake microphone. But I seem more serious than ever right?^^ Practicing like it’s the real deal, treating the real deal like it’s practice! Aja! Aja!

It’s the day of the concert video shoot. I’m filming alone today because Yunho hyung isn’t around~ Who will be appearing as my partner? Please check it out for yourselves during the concert. You must be very curious who it is right? If you’re curious, 500 won!^^ A photo while waiting for filming to begin. Although I look like I lack energy since I didn’t manage to sleep much~ I’ll be fine once filming starts in a bit. Please also look forward to the videos that we appear in which will be shown during the concert~Much effort was put into filming various different concepts.

By the way, it’s a little awkward standing in front of the camera myself, and I’m feeling the gap left by Yunho hyung. Hyung~ Come back quickly~ Your dongsaeng is waiting for you~

Goodbye to training suits! Additionally revealing a photo from the filming set of the “Catch Me” MV, did the photo turn out well? I seem really serious. Actually I wasn’t even aware that this photo was taken. Since it’s our comeback in a long time, I was in super-focused-mode during the filming.^^ I was a little nervous so my face seems a bit stiff. The outfits are also intense since we have to pull off a powerful performance.

Me having my hair styled. It’s already the third day of filming. As “Catch Me’s” dance is really powerful, it makes us pant heavily each time we perform. But I’m not sure how many times it’s been already.^^; But in order to present it better, styling the hair and checking the outfits once again~

The staff have also been working through the night for the past few days. For everyone who has worked hard because of us, I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude. Because I know how hard those (staff) work, I will work hard to become a Changmin who smiles even when things are tough.

A photo of us while filming the dance. Looking at the photo still, I realise the dancer hyung-nim’s difficult dance moves have been executed outstanding. The dancer hyung-nim have also worked hard to pull off “Catch Me’s” dance! Hyung-nim are the best dancers! Because there was everyone who coordinates well with us now after working together this while, I remember how fun filming was. Really applaud hyung-nim who have worked hard. Clap clap clap~

Discussing the choreography with dancer hyung. I wonder what was so funny? Even to me it seems like I am smiling so widely. It seems like dancer hyung has also been infected by my laughter! Even though our bodies are tired it seems like there’s never-ending laughter at the filming site. Calm laughter than slowly spreads, is a great source of energy for me.^^ Yunho hyung should feel the same way too. Haha.

Changing outfits, styling hair, and filming begins again. Although everyone seems tired from the repeated filming, I remember working hard and filming with the thought in mind that we would be meeting everyone with a new song. Although the dancer hyungs and I look tired, Changmin still seems relaxed and smiling. I am once again surprised by our maknae’s stamina. Being able to laugh in that situation! I’m proud you my dongsaeng!

Personally, this is one of the photos I like a lot. It appears to be a photo taken during the filming of the music video~ Hmm. The filming of the music video was tiring, but as it’s the first channel through which we can show everyone our new music and performance, so we were more passionate about it, while worrying “How will it be received by the public?” Now, we will be appearing in front of everyone with all of these sides of us.^^

Source : [Naver Entertainment + BaiduTVXQ]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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