[TRANS] 120604 Park Yoochun becomes The Idol “Prince”…How About Acting As A Mental Patient Next?

Park Yoochun (27) is an “addict creation machine”.  Making his acting debut in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” in 2010, he created the “Sungkyunkwan addict” and with his recent participation in the SBS drama “Rooftop Prince”  he played the role of Lee Gak, and created the “Rooftop addict”.  “Rooftop Prince” is a story about the fictitious crown prince Lee Gak from the Joseon dynasty, who loses his crown princess, and his episodes after he travels 300 years into the modern day. The show ended its run on 24 May, with the last episode recording ratings of 14.8%, the number 1 show in its time slot (AGB Neilsen)

“Owning nothing, and having nothing you cannot own, this is a kind of charm as well. He is the type that is able to read people well.”

Meeting Park Yoochun on 3 June, he said, “Starting from middle school, probably because I met a lot of people while doing part time jobs, I get some kind of feeling once a meet a person (no matter who it is). “ As for his time in America where he had attended middle school, “To make a living, I took on part time jobs with my father. I only attended school about once a month, and spent most of my time at my workplace.” As for what kind of work this was, he did not talk much about it.

His father, who had gone through the difficult times of taking on part time jobs with him, had passed away due to illness during the shooting of his drama’s first and second episodes. “If I could see him off with good memories, it would have been great, but I could not do so.” Even without enough sleep, pushing on just by eating kimbap, bread and hamburgers, and while travelling in his car, he thought of his father and tears started to flow. “I returned to the shooting location after taking off the mourning robes, and one of the staff asked me ‘Have you eaten?’. These words brought me a lot of comfort… (I thought,) so this is what living is, not just myself, but living and going through things with others as well, and such thoughts brought me out (of my sadness).”

Perhaps it is because turning points are a key aspect of life, with this drama, he has been praised for attaining a new level of maturity in his acting. The director, Shin Yoon Seob PD had praises for him as well, saying “He has the natural ability to make the character his own” The scene where he wears a doll costume and dances around madly, and when Lee Gak’s reincarnation Yong Tae Yong smiles meaningfully at the female lead Park Ha with a hint of recognition, these were all unscripted yet acted out perfectly by Park Yoochun.

Previously part of idol group TVXQ, and now active as a member of JYJ, people think of actor “Park Yoochun” more than singer “Micky Yoochun” and a co-star said, “I cannot imagine Yoochun singing and dancing.” Last year, this publication invited experts to rate the abilities of idol turned actors, and after Big Bang’s TOP, he was recognised having the most potential in developing as an actor.

“When appearing in the second piece “Miss Ripley” (MBC, 2011), there was such a great pressure in terms of acting initially that I even wanted to give up. But now I can think ‘I’ll just do it’ and perform.

To study acting better, hes thought of doing plays as well. After shooting 2 CFs, he is headed to Bali, Indonesia for a photoshoot, on his future roles, he said, “I want to try playing the role of a serial killer or mental patient, not just the (role of) chaebol”

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + DongA]

Translated & Shared by : dongbangdata.net

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